Dinner Is Served | Restaurant Delivery Services for a Busy Family

No matter how much meal planning and prepping you do we all have some nights we just don’t feel like cooking. Thankfully we live in a digital world and it’s never been easier to have almost anything delivered directly to your doorstep. No need to heat up a frozen pizza… check out these delivery services to calm your crave.

Food Delivery Services


Available in over 4,000 cities you can get anything from local eateries to national chains delivered right to your door from DoorDash. Decide if you want fast food, Mexican or Asian then continue to filter with available delivery times, type of food (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free…), menu prices, and more. You can customize your order and track it in real time with DoorDash. First timers get a free delivery.

If you sign up for the DashPass you can take advantage of their free 30 day trial, then it’s just $9.99/mo. DashPass members will enjoy free delivery with orders over $10 from convenient stores like Walgreens and Village Pantry and FREE delivery from your favorite fast food spots amongst others. There are over 600 restaurants with free delivery options for DashPass holders. Members typically save about $5/order. Without the DashPass delivery fees vary but usually fall around $3. Doordash also delivers canned or bottled alcohol so you can sip a bottle of vino with your dinner. Places like The Cheesecake Factory are exclusive to DoorDash.

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Grubhub is known for their deals and features over 300k restaurants in over 3,000 cities. Scroll to the very bottom of the main page and you’ll see a huge list of cuisine styles to choose from. This is a fantastic option if you know you want Indian food. Plug in the delivery address and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from in your area. Narrow your choices down with filters for star rating, type of food, delivery times, and more. Delivery fees vary but usually run under $7 and pickup at your choice of restaurant is usually possible. They will also deliver alcohol. We love Grubhub because diners are able to leave reviews and you can see how often they deliver on time, correctly and more.

Grubhub has a subscription service, GrubHub+, available in which you can earn 10% cash back, get free delivery on all orders over $12 and more. GrubHub+ also has a “donate the change” program and they will match donations to help feed hungry kiddos.

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With service in over 4,000 cities and over 600k restaurant choices Postmates is by far the most diverse delivery option. Known for their variety you can literally get anything from anywhere delivered to your door. Craving a root beer? Search for root beer and all the available root beer options will pop up. We also like Postmates because they tell you if a restaurant is running long wait times; they tell you up front to “order later”. When you see that expect at least a 90 minute wait. Delivery fees vary but usually range from $1-$10. Postmates delivers 24/7 365 so long as the merchant is open

Membership packages are available for $9.99/month or $99 annually. Postmates Unlimited will get you free delivery on any order over $12 from any of the 600,000 restaurants. Members also have access to special events and giveaways.

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Total Takeout

As an Indianapolis multi-restaurant web based service they are known for their corporate catering but do an exceptional job with individual orders as well. Plug in your address and filter results by estimated wait time, cuisine style, price point and more. You can also sort your choices from lowest delivery fee, distance from you, available deals and more. Restaurants post up front the estimated delivery time and the minimum needed to order delivery which saves you time. Total Takeout delivery fees start at $2.99. A tip for the driver is also set in your total price. We like that it’s all on the same transaction.


The Seamless website is set up exactly like GrubHub. You can filter your results by cuisine style, price point and more to find local eateries open and ready to serve. One feature we appreciate with the Seamless site is that they let you know if the restaurant is running on a delay right up front. There is no need to get your order completed just to learn it’s going to be delivered late. Customer reviews and ratings are also available to help you make your restaurant selection. Delivery fees start at $0.99 and the majority of them are around $3.

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This site takes out the middleman. Plug in your address to see your local restaurant options. Chow Now has you order directly from the restaurant. The restaurant sets their own everything from having curb-side pickup, delivery areas, fees, and minimums for delivery orders. Use the handy map feature to see what’s available in your area. We have found lots of locally owned establishments on the ChowNow website.


If you already utilize Uber as a car service you’ll want to stick with them for food delivery. Use the same app for both; schedule a ride and have dinner delivered when you get to your destination. Search for fast food, brunch or international cuisine when you use the UberEats service. Delivery fees are posted right up front so you can pick a restaurant knowing what the fee will be and many restaurants offer free delivery if your order is over $15. You can also search by “deals” and find BOGO and discounts available in your area. Sign up for the Uber One subscription and snag savings on fees and even offer 5% off discounts on certain orders. Imagine scheduling your ride home from the airport and having dinner delivered to your door when you arrive. With UberEats you can order food until 2 am, so having tacos or greasy pizza after a night on the town is completely possible.

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Inspired by food trucks this Indiana based company is literally a cluster of food options. Delivery is the only option but they will meet you anywhere in their service area. They have no delivery fees since that’s all they do; which is nice. The choices available will satisfy every style of food you crave. Get burgers, Thai, pizza, or subs all delivered together. Everyone in your group can order separately and pay whichever way they choose. It’ll all get delivered together. Note that a minimum tip of $3 is added to your order. The usual tip is around 20% of your total order. Right now, ClusterTruck is available in Fishers, Carmel, Castleton, Broadripple, and downtown Indianapolis–check your address to see if they’re in your area.

Restaurants That Deliver

Many area establishments offer free delivery if you order directly from their app ( Crumbl Cookies, Subway) or via their website (McAllister’s, Panera, Boston Market). Knowing this is super handy if you know you want a McAllister’s sandwich with a cup of their famous iced tea. We also appreciate knowing that if you happen to be out of their delivery area you can jump on whichever third party platform they offer without backing out and starting your order over (note you’ll likely pay a delivery fee via these third party providers).

From donuts and coffee sent to the office, surprising a loved one with a fresh made lunch or taking the night off kitchen duty you are sure to find something to suit your needs. You can have almost any restaurant in town delivered to your door. From healthy options to greasy pizzas, affordable selections to high dollar feasts, local mom and pop bistros to restaurant chains we love. It’s never been easier to please your palate and Bon Appétit.

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