Seeds of Caring Grows Kind Kids Through Volunteering

A new kind of movement has arrived in Indianapolis. The Seeds of Caring community has expanded from its roots in Columbus, OH to our friendly little town. They must have heard about our Hoosier Hospitality! Seeds of Caring believes in the power of kindness and offers children ages 2-12 a chance to show compassion and kindness towards others.

Seeds of Caring Kicks Off in Indy


Seeds of Caring held a kickoff event in Indianapolis in the spring of 2023. About 50 kids and their grownups met up to have an empathy-building discussion about hospitalized kids and their families. Then the little helping hands got to work, resulting in 200 snack packs and hundreds of cheer cards for families supported by Ronald McDonald House and Ascension St. Vincent House. The kids felt powerful knowing they would make someone’s day a bit brighter through their volunteer work.


Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool.


The Roots of Seeds of Caring


Seeds of Caring came about because the founders realized it was challenging to find volunteer opportunities for kids. The program educates kids about the needs in their community and helps them understand the individual people behind those needs.

Kids who complete a service project have a feeling of pride and accomplishment. They come away more compassionate and empathetic. They gain the courage to speak up for social change and make their world a better place.

The program does not shy away from getting kids involved in helping with tough issues in their communities. However, Seeds of Caring also takes care to provide grown-ups with age-appropriate discussion guides to help as they introduce challenging topics such as homelessness and racism. The opportunity to start deep, important conversations can actually be an added bonus that comes with volunteering with kids. 


Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool.


Growing Kind, Empathetic Kids


Seeds of Caring offers over 100 project opportunities a year and hopes to hit its 2023 goal of 20,000 kid participants. That may seem like a high number and challenging to achieve, but the projects are super easy and only take a couple of hours to complete.

Seeds of Caring offers a variety of service, social action, and community-building projects each month, designed just for kids ages 2-12 years old. Kids can pack backpacks for foster kids, make care cards for hospitalized children, care packages for the elderly in nursing homes, or sack lunches for the hungry.


Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool.


In-Person and Anywhere Opportunities


Anywhere Projects can be done anywhere at any time. Your family can complete them on your own and then deliver the finished products to a Seeds of Caring ambassador. Participants can also come together as a group and relish in the camaraderie of spreading good and kindness through these service projects.

In Person Events are scheduled with non-profit partners and would be held in a location where everyone meets up. This may be a conference room or the lobby of a partner’s facility. Check the Seeds of Caring website to see all upcoming projects, including in-person events and Anywhere Projects. (In person events are not scheduled for 2023 in the Indy area)

The service projects are perfect for classrooms, youth groups, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, sports teams, or any other kids’ groups in your community. Seeds of Caring provides info on all the materials you need to complete the job. Some projects will have a nominal fee associated to cover necessary supplies, but many Seeds of Caring opportunities are free.


Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool.


Kind is Cool


Seeds of Caring believes that kids can change the world. With this program’s guidance and support, we can shape the next generation into kind and empathetic leaders. Through community service, kids will see and understand the needs around them and grow up to be change-makers.

Find opportunities to volunteer year-round with your family.


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Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool. Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool. Seeds of Caring teaches kids that being Kind is Cool.

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