Selfie Wrld Birthday Parties Are #1 with Teens

Selfie Wrld closed for business in June of 2024.

When Selfie Wrld opened its doors, I took my children with me to check it out. This new selfie museum was so much fun, I couldn’t pry them away. Our family had visited other types of selfie museums like the Museum of Ice Cream and the Hello Kitty Pop-uP, but we hadn’t been to a Selfie Wrld, the first location in Indiana. We snapped thousands of fun photos, tried new angles, worked with movement, and made ourselves comfortable with each display. As we walked out the door, my pre-teen said, “I want to have my birthday here.”

I’ve hosted birthday parties for my children at home, in parks, at a regular museum, and even at trampoline parks. I had no idea what a party at Selfie Wrld would look like, but let me tell you — it was the biggest hit with the teen and pre-teen set. Both boys and girls loved this experience and couldn’t get enough of it.

What is Selfie Wrld?

Selfie Wrld is a hip, interactive art gallery where it’s okay to touch everything. It’s a museum of selfies. There are dozens and dozens of installations, many in contained square-shaped rooms, that are set up for optimal social media photo taking. Guests will find themselves snapping photos in a giant bucket of popcorn, aboard a private jet, in a 50’s diner, sprawled across a chic couch, and more.

Think of a high-end photography studio with seemingly endless different backdrops that are rotated out during season changes or when a big holiday or event is taking place. Neon signage with trendy phrases is used as a backdrop in some of the interactive exhibits. Selfie Wrld Indy isn’t a photo booth, but you’ll certainly walk away with tons of fun photos.

Guests can even bring an outfit change or two for a wardrobe change in the dressing room to get even more photos out of their selfie experience.

Birthday Party at Selfie Wrld

The Selfie Wrld in Indianapolis is the perfect space for any kind of party but birthdays for teens and pre-teens are their sweet spot. There are several options for your Selfie Wrld birthday party; you can purchase tickets for your guests for a specific time slot, or you can rent the party room for use during your party time, or you can rent out the entire selfie studio gallery for private parties.

When inviting your guests, be sure to remind them to bring their own smartphones, and when your party guests check-in, they’ll be hooked up with their very own standing Bluetooth ring light.

Party Room at Selfie Wrld

The party room at Selfie Wrld is a VIP area that’s separate from the rest of the interactive art installations. In the party room, you’ll find tables, couches, and even more backdrops that are reserved just for those using the private events space. When you rent the whole museum, big groups will have plenty of space to spread out both in the gallery and in the private party room.

Food at Selfie Wrld

You can have your party catered using one of Selfie Wrld’s recommended vendors. We had a taco and nacho bar for our guests. The restaurant we used delivered the food and had quick access to the party room by way of a service door in the back. Food and beverage must remain in the party room. That being said, if you do not choose to rent the party room, food and beverage are not permitted in the gallery.

Party Invitations for Indianapolis’ Selfie Wrld

A few weeks before my daughter’s party, we made reservations for an hour-long time frame and took a few fun photos to use on our invitations. Our theme was “Oh Snap!” and our invites gave all of the party details as well as reminded our guests to bring their own camera or smartphone.

Teen Birthday Party at Selfie Wrld

There is no way that I could have replicated this fantastic photo experience for my pre-teen and her group of friends and classmates. Selfie Wrld has great lighting, unique themes, colorful backgrounds, and an eclectic collection of neon lighting phrases, all in small standalone rooms. Our party guests took serious snaps, fun pix in the interactive installations, sassy poses in the playful areas, and even reconnected with their inner child. Everyone walked away with lots of awesome pictures.

We had a two-hour time limit for our party and it was perfect for getting the most pictures in all of the instagrammable places and serving up lunch and cake and ice cream. I didn’t have to plan any activities, Selfie Wrld was the venue AND the entertainment. If you do want to plan activities, you could have a contest with categories like most creative selfies/best selfies (with a prize for the best selfie of course), who took the most selfies, who had the most people in one selfie, etc. You could also put together a guided checklist, sort of like a photo scavenger hunt, and give the guests tasks or types of selfies they could take in each The teens were so disappointed when the party was over.

Chances are, your teen’s guests haven’t visited Selfie Wrld yet, it’s a pretty new spot in Indianapolis, so this will be a new experience for many of them. This growing trend means they’ll love it.

Where is Selfie Wrld?

Selfie Wrld is located on Indy’s northwest side at about Michigan and 86th Street. The Selfie Wrld address is: 8401 Michigan Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

There’s plenty of free parking in the parking lot right in front of the building.

Selfie Wrld is a great place to visit for date nights, mom’s nights out, with friends, and family time.

What Are the Installations at Selfie Wrld?

You’ll find a washer and dryer room, a regal room with a matching throne, a sunny-hued bike, a fake strawberry sundae with a cheeseburger and fries in a 50’s dinner, creamy armchairs in a private jet with a trio of airplane windows, and in the month of May, racing scenes. There are seasonal photo areas with hearts and special decor for Valentine’s day, trendy areas, and so many fun spaces to snap those pictures. Many of the sets are super interactive, like the basketball-themed booth. The neon lighting collection alone is enviable; good vibes, out of your league, and more!

Book your Selfie Wrld party today, or just grab a ticket to check it out for yourself.

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