Strawberry Picking at Driving Wind Berry Farm

We love picking strawberries every summer, and we’ve visited every farm in the Indy area that offers strawberry picking. This year, we’re so excited to go on a new berry picking adventure at Driving Wind Berry Farm.

Driving Wind Berry Farm

Driving Wind is best known for their urban blueberry farm on Michigan Road. Every summer, 1000’s of families drive by, waiting to see the green nets cover the bushes. This means the blueberries are almost ripe for picking. Recently, they changed their name from Driving Wind Blueberry Farm to Driving Wind Berry Farm because they’re offering strawberries and blackberries for u-pick!

strawberry picking in the driving wind berry farm greenhouse

Strawberries at Driving Wind Berry Farm

The strawberries ripen and are ready to be harvested in early June through October and you’re invited to come visit! Strawberry picking at this farm takes place rain or shine because they’re grown in the greenhouse! As my friend Megan said, “You’re inside and you don’t have to hurt your back bending over!”

Strawberry Picking

driving wind strawberry farm u pickAt Driving Wind, you’ll be given a pair of garden scissors and you’ll clip the berries from the plants that are growing in vertical pots. Collect as many as you want and then take them to be weighed. Popsicles, flowers, coffee, and other items are also available for sale. The popsicles at Driving Wind are famous!

This unique strawberry picking experience is like none other in all of Central Indiana! The farm will open each morning at 7 a.m. and close at 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Call ahead to be sure there are still berries. Call (317) 257-3000

Driving Wind Address

6410 Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, Indiana
strawberry picking indianapolis indiana

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