Families Love the PumpkinTown Sullivans Express at Allisonville Home & Garden

Tickets are on sale starting September 1 at 4 pm for the PumpkinTown Sullivans Express Halloween experience. If you’re a fan of Sullivan Express during the holidays, trains, or Halloween, this trip is for you!

Here are the TWO most important pieces of information:

Sullivans Express will be running at Allisonville Home & Garden by Sullivan. This is a different location than where you normally ride Sullivans Express during the holidays.

One ticket is for one train car which can hold a family as big as 4 adults and 2 children. The ticket price is NOT per person, it’s per train car.

Kids love the PumpkinTown Sullivans Express experience.

What is the PumpkinTown Sullivans Express?

The Sullivan Express with non-stop service to Pumpkin Town has arrived at Allisonville Home and Garden by Sullivan!

Tickets sales begin September 1 at 4 pm. Train rides kick off on September 29, 2023, and run through October 29. Train times vary and there are weekday, evening, and weekend train runs — Thursday through Sunday each week!

What to Expect on the Sullivans Express to PumpkinTown

Your journey starts at Central Station where you’ll board one of the five Sullivans Express trains operating on the PumpkinTown rail. Once aboard you’ll enjoy a Halloween train ride as it makes its way through the Enchanted Forest, filled with not-so-scary creatures doing some pretty unusual things.

Once the train clears the woods, you’ll head around the south side of Pumpkin Town making your way toward the train station. Before you reach the station, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the circus fun along with a couple of other surprises before you reach PumpkinTown.

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE (Beginning September 1st at 4 pm)

PumpkinTown Sullivans Express at Allisonville Home & Garden

As the Sullivan Express pulls into the PumpkinTown Station, you may notice a lot of activity going on. The Mayor of PumpkinTown will be there to greet you and your fellow travelers. He’ll point out the attractions of the Halloween Wonderland.

After that, you’re on your own to explore and enjoy PumpkinTown. Maybe you’ll want to catch a magic show with one of the PumpkinTown magicians. How about some trick-or-treating in our 4-house mini sub-division? Kids needing to burn off some extra energy can explore the straw playground. PumpkinTown also features carnival games and children each receive two tokens to play and win prizes. Additional tokens are available for purchase as an add-on to the experience. For $5, you can also purchase a pumpkin decorating kit to make during your time in PumpkinTown. All proceeds from pumpkin decorating purchases go to a local charity.

Need a fall snack while hanging out in PumpkinTown? The Witches Brew sells everything from hearty barbeque sandwiches to sweet treats to craft beer and wine for the grown-ups. You can grab a s’mores kit here as well!

Feel free to hang out at PumpkinTown for as long as you’d like! Most families spend at least 45 minutes before re-boarding the PumpkinTown Sullivans Express back to Central Station.

BUY TICKETS HERE (Beginning September 1st at 4 pm)

2023 ticket prices range from $60-65 per train car, depending on the day you choose to go. (The train seats about 4 adults and 2 children.)

The PumpkinTown Sullivans Express experience is a blast for families with young children.

What’s included with your PumpkinTown Sullivans Express ticket?

A round-trip ticket through the enchanted forest with a visit to PumpkinTown. There’s trick-or-treating, coloring, games, a straw playground, dancing, a fun magician, and lots of photo opportunities!

What else will I need money for at PumpkinTown?

For an additional cost, snacks and beverages for kids and adults will be available. You can also purchase additional carnival game tokens. Pumpkins to decorate cost $5. All pumpkin proceeds go towards a local charity.

How long is the ride to Pumpkin Town?

15 minutes total.

How long can I stay in PumpkinTown?

As long as you’d like! Plan about 45 minutes to experience Pumpkin Town.

Does the Sullivan Express Pumpkin Town Train Operate Rain or Shine?

The PumpkinTown Sullivans Express experience is outdoors, but covered and continues to operate in the rain. The train cars are enclosed. Please dress for the weather.

Hunt for the perfect pumpkin for your porch at a local pumpkin patch.

Take your child on a train ride near Indianapolis!

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  1. Has anyone been to this that can send me a review? I’m curious if it’s worth the money. We are from Greenwood & I’ve never heard of this event. I have a 5yr old that says Halloween is his favorite, but mostly for trick-or-treating. I’ve been wanting to do some fun fall activities, but as I mentioned, we are from southside & it’s a 40 minute drive one way. I also have a 4 month old, so I just want to make sure it’s worth our time.

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