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Dr. Andrea is passionate about dental care for kids. She takes it a giant leap beyond what you’d expect from your typical pediatric dentist. When she talks about her dental practice — the office AND the staff — she just oozes passion and joy. This is the reason that Indy with Kids is proud to partner with Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry. That’s right, this article is sponsored by Tinker Tooth, but I’m going to SHOW you all of the reasons why we love Tinker Tooth AND Dr. Andrea.

Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry is a top-notch dental clinic located in Brownsburg, Indiana, providing dental care to children of all ages. Dr. Andrea is an experienced pediatric dentist who has dedicated her career to providing excellent dental care to children in a friendly and comfortable environment. From the moment your children walk in through the doors at Tinker Tooth, they’ll be enchanted.

The calm, beautiful scenery is reminiscent of a favorite family vacation to the happiest place on earth. The smiles are genuine and the care for your family is authentic. Going to the dentist is kind of fun! Is that weird to say? Probably, but let me take you inside with us.

When you arrive, you’ll check in at the front desk with Tara. There will be paperwork (the paperwork can actually be directly sent to your phone to fill out or it can be found online). Children are given a train ticket that they’ll use after they follow the train tracks to the door. Then they get to swipe it at the door when it’s their appointment time and the door opens to a seemingly magical dental treatment space.

In this beautiful, open spa-like room, your kids will have their cleanings and their exams. X-rays, if needed, are right inside the arched hallway. Kylie, the Tinker Tooth hygienist, and Tori, the expanded dental assistant, will feel like family right away. Their warmth and friendliness make kids feel safe and happy.

Dr. Andrea is a board-certified pediatric dentist with years of experience in pediatric dental care. She completed her dental education at the University of Louisville and completed her residency in pediatric dentistry at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Her extensive training and expertise have earned her a reputation as one of the leading pediatric dentists in the state of Indiana.

Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry is a state-of-the-art dental clinic that is designed to make children feel comfortable and at ease. The clinic is bright and welcoming and the dental hygienists are so patient and wonderful with children. They explain everything they are doing and give them choices of flavors for their treatments and the option to wear sunglasses so they’re more comfortable under the lights.

The clinic is equipped with the latest dental technology, special treatment rooms for infants, and a sensory room for children with special needs, to ensure that children receive the best possible care. Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry offers a wide range of pediatric dental services, including routine cleanings and exams, fluoride treatments (fluoride-free options are available), dental sealants, and restorative dentistry. Tinker Tooth uses white crowns and all materials are free of artificial dyes and BPA-free. In addition, Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry offers sedation dentistry for children who are anxious or have special needs.

I want to pause here and talk about dental guilt. Some of my children don’t like going to the dentist. Wrap that up with a pandemic and the loss of dental insurance and you get a family with four children who haven’t visited the dentist in a long time. I was so worried about taking my kids in — I thought that despite my best efforts in their at-home dental care, there would be cavities on top of cavities and a myriad of other issues. I figured I’d be asked, “Why did you put this off?” and other shaming questions.

None of this happened. My children’s teeth were in great shape AND I felt no shame from anyone at Tinker Tooth. Also, my kids are so excited to go back to the dentist! The next six months can’t get here quickly enough!

Oh! Let me tell you about the end. A vintage popcorn machine stands in the corner, ala Disney’s Mainstreet. It’s filled with a beautiful display of toothbrushes, fancy toothpaste, and non-toxic dental floss with flavors like S’mores and Chocolate. At the end of your child’s dental appointment, they’ll get to select their own toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. It’s packed neatly in an adorable striped popcorn bag and handed to your child. 

My kids were so thrilled by this. It reminds me of that old back-to-school commercial where the kids are just unbelievably excited about school supplies and they’re so thankful. That’s what happened, “TOOTHPASTE! Dental Floss! Oh, Thank you mom for taking us to the dentist! Next time I’m going to pick strawberry!”

As a parent, this was a super enjoyable experience. My children’s teeth are cleaned, x-rayed, examed, and scheduled for their next appointment. Painless. Joyful even.

I hope that Dr. Andrea considers opening a dental practice that serves adults. She sure knows how to make it a beautiful experience.

Make an appointment today for your child. Call Tara at (317) 286-3631
Tinker Tooth Pediatric Dentistry is located at: 675 Patrick Place Suite E, Brownsburg, IN 46112

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