We’re going with plan B for Halloween now that we see the weather forcast includes VERY chilly temperatures and rain this week. Here are some ideas for cold weather Halloween costumes that you can order and still get in time as today (10/25).

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Girls Rainbow Unicorn Halloween Costume

Snuggle into this colorful Halloween costume and pull on a whimsical pair of wool socks and your favorite shoes.

Kid’s Deer Animal Costume Onsie

Dress up like a deer in this cute onsie and layer the clothes underneath depending on outside temps.

Children’s Dinosaur Gree Triceratops Animal Costume Onsie

Dino costume lovers will appreciate this warm and fuzzy reptile.

Children’s Lion Animal Costume Onsie

We own this lion costume and it’s been used in talent shows, for pajamas, dress up play and now for Halloween!

Super Cute Rabbit or Bunny Costume

Who wouldn’t want to be a cozy little bunny for Halloween?

Red Reindeer Halloween Costume for Kids

Here’s a comfy and warm option for this Halloween.

Galaxy Unicorn Kids Halloween Costume

This cold weather option for a unicorn wannabe is perfect!

Lilo Stitch Costume for Kids

If your kids love Lilo and Stitch as much as mine do, this Stitch Halloween costume is perfect.

Warm Dragon Halloween Costume for Kids

Heat up with this fiery costume!