Welcome to Costco, I Love You! | 10 Reasons to Love Costco on the South Side of Indianapolis

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Who doesn’t love a bargain?  If you are looking for ways to save money on a variety of items from household supplies like laundry detergent to food to stock your kitchen, you may want to check out what Costco has to offer! 
They pretty much have all your needs and wants for your family and home!

Costco has gigantic bears that measure 93 inches in case you have been craving the world’s biggest bear hug!!! #PLAYindy

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Costco is one of my son’s favorite places to go shopping with me, because he loves that there is usually samples of food to try!  I love that opportunity, because it helps me figure out what my picky eater will eat, so food and money doesn’t go to waste. Visit Costco online or in stores for information on their membership program.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I love having a membership at Costco:

    1. I can purchase items like paper towels, facial tissue and toilet paper in large quantities at a good price.  
    2. Costco has large aisles that allow for plenty of room for your cart and family to move about without bumping into other people or items.  
    3. I can purchase gift cards from other retailers like movie theaters at a lower price from the actual gift card value.  
    4. I can purchase seasonal items like fireworks in bulk while saving money.
    5. My family can stop into the food court if we are hungry prior to shopping.  
    6. I can save on my family’s prescriptions at the Costco Pharmacy
    7. The Optical Department is convenient and affordable for my family’s eyecare needs.  
    8. Costco Travel offers discounts on vacations like cruises and rental cars.   
    9. I can get my tires on my vehicle replaced at the Costco Tire Service Center, while I shop.
    10. I can fill up my gas tank and save money at Costco’s gas station.

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