What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross is a type of bicycle racing. It is usually done on an off-road course, but sometimes include portions of pavement. You can expect to encounter sand, mud, dirt, grass, gravel, and various other assortments during the cyclocross. Also, participants need to have cyclocross bikes that are good. This type of bike racing occurs during the winter and autumn season. The racing consists of multiple laps and includes diverse forms of terrain that the cyclers have to cover. Each lap covers 2 to 3 kilometers long course. The course can consist of grassy fields, pavement, steep hills, and human-made and natural barriers such as rocks and logs. These types of obstructions make the cyclocross challenging, and the riders have to dismount the bicycle and carry it while crossing the obstacle.

Those who can quickly run over the barriers and remount the bicycle are more likely to win the race as compared to their opponents. This sport is typically prevalent in Belgium and other European countries. In North America and Canada, cyclocross is increasingly becoming a popular sport as it has short race times. 

It is Raced on Cyclocross Bikes:

Cyclocross bikes include the features of mountain bikes and road racing bikes. Cyclocross bikes are designed explicitly for cyclocross racing and are very similar in appearance to the road racing bicycle. They are lightweight, have narrow tires, and drop handlebars. A few characteristics of mountain bikes are also present in cyclocross bikes such as pedals, knobby tires, and cantilever style brakes. A cyclocross bike should be essentially lightweight as the bikers have to carry them for crossing course obstacles and barriers. The cyclocross bikes are designed according to the conditions the bikers will encounter when riding off-road. The cyclocross bikes have improved mud shredding capabilities, better off road handling, and higher bottom bracket to cross obstacles. Also, these bikes are designed to absorb shocks and vibrations without having any outward suspension. 

Cyclocross bikes should be fairly lightweight so that they can be easily carried when bikers have to dismount them and run while shouldering their bikes if a portion of the course is too steep or muddy.  

Cyclocross is Becoming Popular:

Cyclocross had been originated from Northern Europe, but now it’s also becoming popular in the United States. Belgium and the Netherlands are the main hubs of this sport and have enormous spectators with a vast number of TV audiences. As the nature of this sport is circuit-based, it provides a lively atmosphere for the spectators. Cyclocross can be a perfect off-season sport for road cyclers. Kids can also try cyclocross to get exposure to other forms of bike racing. You can also get started with cyclocross with your mountain bike initially. 

This sport is officially organized by UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) every year under the title of Cyclocross World Cup competition and annual World championship. The World Cup starts in September and ends in January. The World Championship begins in the USA in September every year, and many rounds of racing are occuring in Europe in October. This sport is also growing in Ontario, Canada. 

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