You’ll Love the Whimsical WinterFaire at The Children’s Museum

Winter whimsy awaits at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis with the enchanting WinterFaire exhibit, a magical indoor world where the spirit of the holiday season sparkles in every corner.

Indy holiday activities are here and WinterFaire is the newest addition to the winter fun! November 18, 2023 to February 11, 2024, families are invited to step into this festive, carnival-like atmosphere brimming with fun-filled games, lovable critters, and interactive activities. There are special animal characters with enchanting backstories that bring even more fun to the WinterFaire experience.

I had the joy of taking my family, including my children aged 13, 11, 9, and 7, to this wondrous world, and our time there was nothing short of magical.

The centerpiece of our adventure was the WinterSlide, a dazzling transformation of the Sunburst Atrium slide, courtesy of the animals of WinterFaire and the magical water from a frozen fountain. My children, each in their own age group, found unique joy in zooming down this icy slide, their laughter echoing as the “snow” lit up on either side and a trail of magical sounds followed. Each race to the bottom was a thrilling challenge: Who would go the fastest?

The most beautiful feature in my opinion is the fountain in the middle of the WinterFaire exhibit. If a group of people gather around and touch the mystical metal plates all at the same time, the fountain comes alive with color and sound!

All of my children (and I) enjoyed playing the Snowball Splat game, the Slippery Slope Race, and Skee Ball. Much of the exhibit is dedicated to the younger set, but everyone will find ways to enjoy their time.

There are many tactile and multi-sensory activities and encounters throughout the exhibit, with opportunities to learn about winter festivals in other cultures. Museum interpreters will be on hand throughout the day to share backstories and interactions with Winterfaire characters.

A special highlight for the younger kiddos is a visit with Santa beginning on November 24. A Santa visit at The Children’s Museum is a tradition for our family. They also offer visits with black Santa, and he’s a local favorite. My 7 and 9-year-olds are especially captivated by Santa’s presence, their eyes wide with wonder.

And then, there are the stars of the show – the five lovable creatures of WinterFaire. Each one has been named by the museum’s members and social media followers. They brought smiles and excitement to my children’s faces. Even my 13-year-old, who often finds such things a bit childish, couldn’t resist their charm.

For my family, WinterFaire at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis was more than just an exhibit; it was a place where play, laughter, and cherished memories converged. It’s a unique indoor winter experience that perfectly caters to a wide range of ages, ensuring that everyone, from the little ones to the teens, finds something to marvel at. As we left, filled with the joy and whimsy of WinterFaire, it was clear that this enchanting adventure added a special sparkle to our winter season.

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