Airplane Activities for Kids in Indianapolis

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After I buckled everyone into their carseats today, my three year old said, “Mommy, we want to go on an airplane.”

I have no idea where that thought came from. We’ve traveled plenty with our children and airplane rides take place several times per year but today it was a direct request, and said in such a way that made me think that the three kids had been discussing this before presenting their request to me.

Instead we’ll hit the pavement in the “mommy bus” and find some places to fill their airplane craving…let’s face it, once we got on the airplane and took off, they’d be screaming to get off of the airplane.

We love watching airplanes take off and land. Even the whole taxi’ing thing is pretty cool to see, here are some great airplane activities near Indy.

Upcoming Airplane Related Events

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Watch Loading, Unloading, Mechanics & More

My children enjoy seeing the luggage loaded onto the bottom of the plane, the mechanics working on the airplanes and the general business of the airport.

The best place to see all of this happen is at the Civic Plaza at the Indianapolis Airport. You’ll pay a small fee for parking but there’s plenty of space for kids to explore and often there are some great photo opps and art to look at. Enjoy a snack or cup of coffee while you look out the giant windows.

Watch the Coming & Going

If you want to watch airplanes take off and land from your car in Indianapolis, the best spaces are at the cell phone lot (free) and in parking lots located on West Washington Street, but you might not be permitted to stay long. We’re going to check out the top level of the parking structure this week because our friends recommended it as a great place to watch.

Experienced airplane watcher, Laura Dunham says, “Pack a picnic and hang out at the park at Eagle Creek airport – you can want them taxi, land and take off right next to you.”

See Model Airplanes Fly

Radio controlled airplanes are a big deal and Indianapolis has several fields nearby that are designed with runways for these planes to take off and land. Here are some nearby airfields for remote controlled planes.


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