We’ve been performing all of the old wives tests and reading the tales that go along with them.

Baby Bowl 2012 – Gender Prediction Tests

We’re having another baby and our big Gender Reveal Party is on Tuesday! Dubbed Baby Bowl because of the Super Bowl being in town, we are so excited to find out what our little blueberry is! Everyone says that the mom just knows and I think I know but I don’t know if it’s just because I’m assuming we’ll have a girl again because we already have a girl? I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want to hope for one gender and come out learning its the other, because either way I’m going to be thrilled, honestly! I want a healthy baby. I’d love to have a boy so that we have one of each in our family but seriously, if we have a girl, Lulu will have a sister AND I already have the clothes! ADORABLE clothes!

Just like with Lulu, we’ve been performing all of the old wives tests and reading the tales that go along with them. The most common one that people look at is the heart rate — you generally hear the heart beat before most other old wives tales indicators kick in. If the heart rate is above 140 they say it’s a girl, if it’s below 140, it’s a boy. If this is true, Blueberry is a girl.

Morning sickness is supposed to be more prevalent with girls than boys. I never really vomited or anything but I always felt badly. With Lulu I was sick quite a bit but not really until the end of the first trimester/beginning of the second trimester. This indicator points to Blueberry being a boy.

My cravings are more in the salty side which points to a boy. However, my BIGGEST craving is for pie but that is the ONLY sweet thing I want. So I feel like this could point either way but I’m going to go with Blueberry being a boy on this one because other than the pie, I just want salty foods and steak!

There’s a tale about how you pick up a key off the table. If you pick it up by the long, thin end it points to your baby being a girl, if you pick it up by the thick end, it is a boy. This test tells me that Blueberry is a boy.

The ANCIENT Chinese Gender Calendar says that Blueberry is a boy.

If you are keeping score at home we are at Boy: 4, Girl: 1. I’ll tell you that with Lulu, the gender predictors weren’t super consistent but they did lean towards Lulu being a girl. And she was! We still have a few more to try before Tuesday night but I’ll keep you all posted. And don’t forget, you can tune into the live broadcast of Baby Bowl 2012, our Gender Reveal Party right here at 7:30pm Tuesday, January 31st!

What are your experiences with gender predictions?

2 thoughts on “Baby Bowl 2012 – Gender Prediction Tests”

  1. The Chinese gender test told me girl and I had a boy. I wasn’t sick at all and I don’t remember the heartrate. However, I wanted ice cream and cake, but I really like those things anyways, so I think I wanted them because I let myself eat them more!

  2. Just found out yesterday what our Perry (parasite) is!

    Morning sickness said girl.
    Sweet cravings said girl.
    Heart beat said girl. (145 as of yesterday)
    Baking soda test said girl.
    Carrying high said girl.
    Carrying wide said girl.
    Cabbage juice test said boy.
    No weight gain in face said boy.
    No real acne said boy.
    Chinese astrology chart was a draw, depending on which one you looked at.
    Gut feeling said girl.

    The ultra sound tech said… BOY!

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