Our weekend at Castle Rock Resort in the off season.

The Branson Waterpark Hotel | Branson, Missouri

Branson, Missouri is about a seven-hour road trip from Indy. Until this winter, I only had visions of grandparents and tour buses dancing in my head when I considered what it was like in Branson. I’ve never Googled it, I’ve never been there, and I’ve only developed a picture in my brain based on the stereotypes that were communicated throughout my adult life.

Oh the anticipation of the water park!
Oh, the anticipation of the water park!

Well, sign me up for the tour bus and call me grandma! I’m so glad that our family was invited to visit The Branson Waterpark Hotel. My children have visions of Branson that are far more accurate and colorful than anyone can imagine! Jay calls it “Vegas without the gambling.” It’s like they took all the family fun, the shows, and the themed buildings and put them into a smaller area that screams “FAMILY FRIENDLY”.

Our trip was in the off-season so the streets were empty. No shows were playing, only a few restaurants open, and some museums (we visited the Hollywood Wax Museum on this trip) and on our last night, we were literally the only people staying in our hotel tower — but we were there for the water park so nothing else mattered! The Branson Waterpark Hotel is

Ta dah! We're here and having a blast!
Ta-dah! We’re here and having a blast!

located right off of the “main strip,” it has plenty of parking, comfortable rooms, and the most fun for young families in all of Branson.

Our room was a great size, it had a refrigerator, two beds, and a small pocket room with a bunk bed (and it had its own television, much to the delight of my girls). The room wasn’t the best part, the waterpark was! With two giant slides, a lazy river, a splash area with waterfalls, a large pool, a basketball pool, and a toddler pool, families with young children

Bunk bed alcove!
Bunk bed alcove!

will be busy all day long! Oh, and during the warm season, there’s an outdoor swimming area too!

Scout, age 18 months, and Lulu, age 3 ½ had the best time running in thigh-high water, zipping down the toddler slides and splashing around. As a family, we got soaked as we floated around the lazy river again and again. Jay and I enjoyed the fast slides and the girls loved cheering for us as we reached the bottom and were thrown into the pool.

The Branson Waterpark Hotel has a small restaurant on site that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a great rate, and rooms are competitively priced! Branson, we WILL be back!


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We were guests of the Branson Waterpark Hotel in 2013. Our rooms were complimentary for the purpose of this review, however, all other expenses and travel were paid for out of pocket.

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