25 Ways to Celebrate the Big Game

Gathering for the “big game” during football season is always a fun day to gather with friends and family. Regardless if your fan club is large or small, local or across the country, we’ve got some great ideas to help you celebrate anything from the first game of pre-season to the NFC-AFC World Championship.

Check out these awesome ways to get your game on.

Pre Game

The host should have a game plan set; who to invite, what guests will need to have on hand, and when exactly the party will be held. Send out invites via text, create a Facebook event, email or evite those you would like to attend. Include any info about contests, craft items or specific food and beverage to have on hand. With enough notice and planning everyone will have a memorable and fun Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Meal Prep

Schedule a time that works for everyone to “meet” in their own kitchens, maybe the day before or the morning of The Big Show. Gather your ingredients to cook, grill and bake together. Share in the laughs and memories of gatherings past while you safely prepare a feast for your fans. This is a great option if your household has any food allergies, is small in numbers, or prefers fancy feasts over chips and dip. Everyone will make whatever they want and not stress over making sure all their guests are satisfied.

Deliver Stadium Style Food

The party host can coordinate a porch drop off for local guests so everyone can enjoy the same fixings. Foil wrapped hot dogs, popcorn bags, cotton candy, and bags of peanuts, fried chicken, chips and a homemade 7 layer dip. The possibilities are endless really. Just think of ballpark food and what your guests like. Make to-go bags of everything and plan a route to deliver around town. Add fun drinks and dessert too!

Hand Deliver Take Out

Instead of cooking and baking for all your guests it may be more time and cost effective to order from the local BBQ or pizza place. Have guests order their own or spring for the entire bill yourself. Pick up the multiple orders and hand deliver to your guests. This is helpful if you have crafts, décor or other activities the guests will need for the party.

Doordash or Uber Eats

If finances allow, and you don’t feel like trekking all over town, order delivery of game day style food from local restaurants. This is a great option if you have out of town or out of state guests. If you want more variety, order from a grocery store and have Instacart or Shipt deliver hot dogs, buns, sides and sweets directly to your guest’s front doors.

Super Plate party

Charcuterie Board Competition

Have guests make their own spreads with whatever they want. Be as creative as building a stadium platter or as simple as cheese and crackers. Kids love the bite sized food and these boards are easy to cater to your families likes.

Dessert Decorating

Bake or buy a giant cookie, cupcakes or a sheet cake. Use icing, sprinkles and candy to create the most creative football themed dessert. Use Cocoa Krispies and make a huge football shaped rice cereal and marshmallow treat. Use team colors or the mascot likeness to inspire you.

Wine or Beer Tasting

If you have a few adult beverage connoisseurs attending your party have a beer or wine tasting. Buy a few flights of wine or individual bottles of beer that you’ve never had before and sample some sips. Check out this how-to article if you need more guidance.


Old Commercial Trivia

As the hostm, have a prepared list of questions ready to go. Google has plenty of question and answer options. Have quests make an audible buzzing sound when they’re ready to answer one of the fun memorable commercials that were shown during the big game.

Super Sunday History Quizzes

Set it up like the trivia game above or read off the questions to all the guests at once and have them write their answers down. Show the correct (or incorrect) guess on their screens for all to see. Who won the game in 1986? Who was the MVP of the 1999 game? Depending on your guest list this could be a challenging or easy break from the TV.

Name That Team

Only using the two teams playing the last game of the season quiz your guests on specific facts. Which team has the most yards… the most sacks… the longest field goal… so far this season… A quick internet search should yield accurate results. Feel free to incorporate this current season or all time facts and figures.

Would You Rather

A fun and thought provoking game for fans of all ages. Questions like “would you rather run fast or jump high?” or “Would you rather watch a championship game from the rafters or a regular season game on the sidelines?” Check out these PlayBuzz.com questions if you need some help coming up with questions.

Halftime Bowl

Halftime Show Bingo

The Halftime Show can be as entertaining as the game itself. Print out and email bingo cards for guests to play along. Not feeling creative then find some pre-made cards online.  Bingo Baker has some great premade options ready to print.  Bingo is great for all ages and of any level of game interest.

Karaoke or Lip Sync Battle

Have guests pick and choose from songs that have been performed during the Halftime Shows of years past. Here is a list of some of the best Halftime Shows from the last twenty years but feel free to go back to the 1990s when the pop music acts first started headlining the show.

Commercial Break Bowl

Rate the Commercials

Create a scorecard for each guest to rate their favorites. Check out these scorecard examples for basic rating info or create your own with more colorful verbiage and creative flair. Discuss and declare a winner at the end of the night!


Along the lines of the Halftime Show bingo, but this version can be played throughout the whole game. Find some obscure things to add to your game squares if you want the game to last longer than the first quarter. Maybe a specific color of car, specific genre of celebrity, or type of animal to keep the game lasting longer. We created a downloadable Football Bingo card right with all football terms.

The Youngest Fans


Pinterest is full of football themed crafts. From making goal posts out of popsicle sticks–and playing table top football–to making their own footballs out of a paper bag. Use whatever supplies you have on hand or buy kits to keep the kids busy during the Super Duper Sunday events.

Hire Out Entertainment

A caricature or cartoon artist will surely delight guests young and old in all their fan gear! Easy enough to set up virtually and email or mail the final sketch out to guests. Bonus if you have a friend or family member that is talented and willing to share their skills.

Cookie and Canvas

with a football theme. Find an older teen or adult not really into the game on TV to lead the activity. Ensure guests have paint, markers, paper or canvas to use before the big day. There are lots of easy to follow YouTube videos or if your leader is artistic have them create something easy to follow; a padded up football player, goalposts at the end of a field, the Roman numerals of the game, or as easy as a football in the grass. We love the easy to follow along videos from teacher, Laura Salee https://www.youtube.com/c/LauraSalee/videos

Scavenger Hunt

Have a list of things to find around the house ready to go. Our kids love scavenger hunts on any day but we think it’ll be especially handy to have ready to go if and when they get bored watching football all day. Make your hunt list as random or as specific as possible. Have guests take turns calling out an item to find, then have the kids bring the item to the screen to show everyone. Items from a ball, a spoon, a family photo and a stuffed animal generally work well in any household. Get creative and as a bonus the kids will burn some energy running through the house hunting.

Gambler’s Delight

Bet on Commercials

Take friendly wagers on which category will have the most commercials during the first quarter, the first half and the whole game. Categories could include vehicles, beer, clothing, medication… or more specifics like brand of car, foreign vs domestic or style (sedan, truck, sport). A specific type of food (pizza, chips, soda) or brand of beer. You’re likely to see multiple commercials from a few of the big hitters so bonus points for whomever won that bet.

Bet on Party Guests

To keep folks interacting and socializing; make a few bets on the guests themselves. Things like who will log off first, who will use the bathroom first, spill a drink, yell at the TV, forget they’re on camera… the list could be endless. Get silly and have fun.

Pick a Player

Before the game begins, have guests send a few bucks to the host via Venmo or PayPal. Place the names of the team players into a bowl and have each guest draw out a name. (virtually the host can draw a name for each guest and keep track of who has who). If your party is on the smaller side only put the athletes in the bowl of the most popular/best players. If your player gets the MVP at the end of the game you win the pot and the host will forward you the cash.


Ultimate Fan Or Costume Contest

This is especially easy if your home team is playing. You are likely to have jerseys, hats, face paint already. If your rival team is playing this will be much more challenging. Host picks the most creative setup and the winner gets a small prize of the hosts choosing.

Decorating Contest

Again, much easier if your home team or your favorite team is in the championship game. You are more likely to have décor and tableware on hand. Either way, overdue the steamers, balloons, handmade signs and color coordinate everything. If your rivals are playing and you can’t bring yourself to decorate in their team colors try a generic football theme or use the Roman Numerals for this year’s game of games as your focus.

Enjoy the Big Game

Last but not least WATCH THE GAME! No explanation necessary. With any die hard football fan none of the extra games and entertainment will be necessary. With guests all on the same virtual conferencing platform they can razz each other and chat as they would if they were sitting next to each other.

With some planning all your guests will have a blast watching the last game until September. Figure out which platform everyone can access for an extended period of time, Google Hangouts, Jitsi, or Skype are our favorites for long running calls. Use any of these tips and be prepared for a very memorable and fun Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Go Team!

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