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On the North East side of Indianapolis, you will find the perfect spot to spend a rainy day indoors. Everyone in the family will have a great time burning off that extra energy at Climb Time Indy. The next time you are planning a kids party, girls night out, date night, or just a mid-day break, head to Climb Time Indy.

Know Before You Go

A day pass is $18, including gear rental and admission, and kids under nine years receive free gear rental with their day pass! (If you already have some gear, an a la carte a day pass is $12, a harness is $3, and shoes are $3) Kids as young as three years old will have fun scaling the walls of this awesome gym.

Don’t forget to complete your waiver online to save you time when you arrive. All guests entering the building must complete the waiver, even if you are not climbing. Of course, those not climbing do not have to pay to watch.

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes and bring water. You will want freedom to move and stretch your limbs, so don’t wear tight and motion-inhibiting clothes. Leggings and t-shirts work just fine.

When You Arrive

Head to the front desk to check in. If you have multiple people in your party, gather the troops before you check in. The staff will get your shoes (we recommend sizing up). Stash your street shoes and socks within the wall of cubbies. Staff will help fit you to the proper harness once your shoes are on.

Groups or first time climbers will be taken into the gym and given a quick lesson on safety. This is mostly for the person holding the rope, but everyone needs to pay attention. Instruction will teach you how to attach the rope to the harness, learn where the “hold” (rock) path is, and what the colorful lines mean between them. You will also learn which routes are recommended for various skill levels, how to stop a climber from a fall if they slip using the rope, and how to get the climbers down safely. This training takes about ten minutes total, and if you forget something or need more explanation. the staff is super helpful.

There are a few different climbing areas to climb based on the system you want to use to climb.

  1. Assisted rope system or “top roping” is the use of two people; the climber and the person on the ground managing the rope, the “belayer”. Belaying involves leading out or taking in the rope that is harnessed to the climber. This is what we suggest for beginners and little ones. But don’t be surprised if you four year old does an amazing job on these and moves on to another other options.
  2. Un-roped system or “bouldering” is where you will find shorter, not-all-the-way-to-the ceiling routes. If you were to fall from these walls you likely wouldn’t get hurt. The cushy ground covering is really soft.
  3. The “auto belay” system attaches the rope to the climber’s harness but it’s an unassisted rope. Nobody holds onto the rope. It is a spring system that runs off magnets. If the spring happens to break or the climber starts to fall the system will put on the breaks and slowly lower the climber before crashing to the ground.
  4. If you get really good try the advanced routes and climb at an incline or holding on upside down.


Tips & Extras

*We recommend bringing one adult per 1-2 kids. The adult will be needed to hold the ropes. If you bring five kids then everyone will be waiting for their turn longer than most little kids can handle. That would work but we think you’ll have more fun if everyone is climbing at once.

*Bring a water bottle. They sell snacks and bottled drinks if you need some fuel for your body.

*Check out the live snakes near the restrooms.

*Grab a great aerial view from the upstairs party deck. Watch out though; the stairs are steep and narrow.

*Birthday Party packages start at a minimum of 10 climbers. There is a $20 balcony rental fee for 2 hours for one side ($40 for both sides). Bring in food and drink. With the party packages the kids nine years old and under are still $12 each and those over 10 years climb at a reduced $15 each.

Routes are changed weekly in order to ensure there is always something new to challenge yourself with. Whether you are looking for powerful bouldering, sustained routes, or just a day out with the family we think Climb Time Indy will take you to new heights!

8750 Corporation Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46256

Gym hours: M-F 11am – 10pm
SAT 9am – 10pm
SUN 11am – 10pm

Phone:  317-596-3330


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