15 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

The Nation is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and we as parents and caregivers are working ‘round the clock to shield our children from these unprecedented times. We all have stories of the ways we have been impacted or effected by the rapidly developing situation.

As events come and go that have been canceled, many of us are looking ahead at our future special moments, and wondering, how can we make memories, while practicing social distancing? Easter is a very big holiday in our family, and like many parents, I want to make sure our children get to celebrate. So, it’s time to get creative! Here are some ideas on ways to connect with your loved ones, and celebrate the Easter season, while still practicing social distancing.

Central Indiana Easter Egg Hunt

We have created an egg hunt map and have asked local businesses and families to submit their addresses to be part of our virtual egg hunt! Decorate an egg for your door or window, submit your address, and you’re in! Find out all the details here.

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

If you have a backyard, or a field available, you can easily set up your own Easter egg hunt! Give each member of the family their own color egg, and create memories with a DIY Easter egg hunt! You could even elevate your hunt, by adding a special egg, that can be traded in for a prize! My kids are obsessed with collecting change for their piggy banks right now, you can even add in a simple math lesson for some e-learning fun!

Get Easter Delivered

Kiln Creations is delivering  Easter fun and including a special call from Belle! For just $50, your little painter gets 4 ceramic eggs and paint, a hallow egg filled with foiled candies, and a call from the Belle. Two Easter crafters are just $80. Thank you Good’s Candy Shop and Once Upon a Princess LLC for this unique opportunity! Order from the link by Thursday to guarantee you’ll receive your pack in time!

Stream Easter Service

If you are religious, and typically celebrate Easter with a church service, you will find that many churches are live streaming their services. You can check your typical church for information, or if you are looking for a local church to stream, College Park is offering live streaming every Sunday during the Coronavirus Closures.

Video Chat with the Easter Bunny

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals are offering video chats with the Easter Bunny! For $6.99, you can have a personal video chat on either Zoom or Facetime! Follow the link to select the date that works best for you.

Easter Cake Kit

A Slice Of Heaven Cakery in Lapel is offering an Easter Cake Decorating Kit! For $10, the kit includes 1 vanilla bunny shaped cake, 3 vanilla egg shaped cakes, 3 bags of pastel colored icing, 1 container of sprinkles, and step by step instructions for making your own bunny! Kits are available for carry-out starting April 5- Friday April 10th.

Send Easter Cards

Who doesn’t love to get mail? Brighten someone’s day, by making Easter cards, and sending them to your friends and family! It’s a great way to get creative, and an opportunity to work on your child’s writing skills! See, you are rocking this e-learning gig!

Dye Easter Eggs

The classic Easter tradition of dying eggs can continue while social distancing! You could add glitter to your dye for some extra fun, or even add some white crayon drawings before you dye them, to create unique designs!

Don’t have an egg coloring kit? No problem! All you need is 1/2 a cup of boiling water, 10-20 drops of food coloring and a teaspoon of vinegar! You can also use kool-aid packets for coloring Easter Eggs, just add water. If you really want to get fancy, order the EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator on Amazon or grab one during your essential food shopping.

Once Upon A Party Baskets

Once Upon a Party is offering Easter baskets delivered to your home!  They have a variety of items and styles for all ages and interests. Check out their Facebook page to place your order.

Make Easter Treats

Who doesn’t love homemade treats? Start a new tradition of baking, and try out a new baking recipe! Resurrection rolls, Egg in a nest, or even Easter Bunny shaped cookies to ice and decorate as you wish. There is so much to learn in the kitchen, and social distancing is the perfect time to create memories in the kitchen with your kiddos.

Carry Out or Delivery of Easter Dinner

I know so many families have the tradition of celebrating Easter with a big meal shared with loved ones. A fun spin off to try this year, is making your own dinners, and eating together via Zoom! Zoom is free to use, and allows for multiple people to join in at once, which is perfect for all your extending family gatherings this Easter. We even have some ideas for games to play and activities for your video calls.


April can be a tricky time for outdoor planting in Indiana, so start your plants indoors! Find your favorite window sill, and have your children help you start your gardens inside. This is a great opportunity to learn while your spend time together, and when the weather is consistently warm, you have another family activity to move all of your plants to the garden.

Easter Family Photos

It might seem weird to get all dressed up for your socially distant Easter, but it’s the perfect opportunity for family photos! The porch family pictures are so fun, and gives you an excuse to pull out those Easter outfits, and put them to good use.

Create A New Tradition

This time of isolation has created so many changes in our daily lives, but we can also use this opportunity to create a new tradition for years to come. Flying a kite (there are a whole bunch of great places to fly a kite in Indy), bicycle races, and coloring contests are just a few fun spins you could put on your day. My kids love flying kites, and it’s something we don’t do often, which is the perfect excuse to include it on Easter for some family fun.

Take a hike at one of these beautiful spaces to hike with kids near Indy, ride a bike trail or bike path with your family or just take a spin around your neighborhood.

Sidewalk Chalk

A growing trend has been writing encouraging messages and drawing on the sidewalk! This week, spend some time outside decorating your sidewalk for Easter. You could use puffy paint, sidewalk chalk, or even washable finger paints. Get creative and maybe even a little messy with this activity.

In this season of social distancing, I know it can feel hard to find some normalcy and routine. Though Easter looks a little different this year, with a little creativity, it can be just as memorable and fun!

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