65 FREE Spring Break Activities Near Me

65 FREE Spring Break Activities Near Me

By the time Spring rolls around, we have spent a lot of time indoors in Indiana. The groundhog has given us good news so spring break will be welcomed with hopes of family fun, favorite hobbies, and homework-free days enjoying the outdoors! Not sure what to do yet? Here’s the list of “65 FREE Spring Break activities near me” you’ve been waiting for!

Written By Stephanie Greenwald & Audra Fesler

65 Free Spring Break Activities Near Me


Play at Parks

Avon, Brownsburg, Carmel, Greenwood, and Westfield, all have fantastic parks departments. Love parks and playgrounds as much as us? Make a plan to visit a new park in a different town every day. Check out these mud-free playgrounds too!

Explore A Nearby Town

No need to get on an airplane for Spring Break; hop in the car and drive across Central Indiana. Visit a new-to-you town for a day. Park the car and window shop, grab a bite for lunch (or pack a picnic). Find the best things to do just outside Marion County—check out Carmel, Greenwood, and Fortville for some out-of-your-ordinary fun. Explore covered bridges, new parks, waterfalls, and caverns all over Central Indiana too.

Exercise with a Hike

Our favorite hiking spot with the littles is the Marian University EcoLab. Here you’ll find a wide variety of plants and wildlife. Grab your binoculars and explore these other kid-friendly hiking options. Always go prepared! Bringing along extra sets of clothes, shoes, and a towel never hurts.

Collect Treats at an Easter Egg Hunt

Local churches and parks will be scheduling their annual hunts and just maybe they’ll coincide with your Spring Break! Check out local churches and social clubs for hunt info. Head over to our Easter Egg Hunt Guide to find a hunt near you.


Make a plan and schedule every lunch or snack time over spring break outside. Either in your backyard or at a park with friends. If the weather is a bit brisk for your liking, park the car and pop the trunk or find a picnic shelter to hide under if it rains.

Bike Ride

Pump some air in those tires and hit the road. A ride around the block or at a nearby park is fun for the whole family. Check out these family-friendly bike trails to keep things nice and smooth for even the littlest cyclists.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Spring offers perfect weather for flying a kite. Southwestway Park has acres to run tethered to a kite or windsock. We found plenty of other green space areas around Central Indiana to enjoy as well.

Make it a Movie Morning

We have become experts at D.I.Y. movie nights but for a fun twist, we started a movie morning with popcorn or bowls of dry cereal. Donuts or yogurt parfait bars, juice, and milk with fun straw cups. Don’t forget to wear the proper attire; jammies for the win! This is a fun option for those of us adults who aren’t early birds and prefer to drink HOT coffee without being rushed out the door for fun.

Hone Your Skills at a Skate Park

Did your kiddo get a new scooter or skateboard for Christmas? Maybe a pair of roller skates. Head to an area Indianapolis Skatepark and master that Olly and learn some new tricks (or just work on staying upright).

Midtown Plaza Carmel

Midtown Plaza Carmel is THE gathering place in Carmel. South of Carmel’s established Arts & Design District (aka downtown Carmel) and north of Carmel City Center, Midtown Plaza Carmel is jam-packed with outdoor fun and activities the whole family will enjoy. There’s a playground, splash pad, sports courts, and a plaza with open seating for eating, gathering, and even watching a film on the big screen. There are several restaurants and retail shops to explore with new businesses continuing to move in.

See Animals at the Pet Store

We love visiting pet stores and checking out the dogs at doggy daycare, the cats up for adoption, and all the beautiful fish for sale. Spend some time watching the critters play.

Learn Disc Golf

Spring is a great time to try a new sport. Test your skills, arm strength, and accuracy when you launch saucers into the goals. Grab some frisbees or borrow some discs from friends and hit the links at any of these fantastic disc golf courses.

Feed The Ducks

Rolled oats, frozen peas, or corn are healthier options than bread for our feathered friends. We have a few favorite spots we love to visit in the Spring to feed the ducks.

Volunteer Together

It’s never too early to teach your kids how to give back. Check out these local opportunities for volunteering with kids. Your kids could also collect food and goods for the needy. Set a box on your porch and ask neighbors to donate cans of soup or boxes of noodles. Shoot a quick video of your kids and their goals for your Facebook friends to see and give. Make sure you take your kids with you when the donation is made so they can see their hard work going to use.

At Home Spa

Whip up a yogurt face mask, slice some cucumbers for puffy eyes, and have the kids lay still for their facials. Find some relaxing music to set the tone. Add a mani/pedi to the mix and you’ve got plans for a relaxing day. Switch things up and have the kids give YOU a spa day.

Board Game Night

Teach the kids to set goals, be patient, take turns, and learn how to win or lose graciously with a family game night. Blend in a few card games like “Go Fish” or “Crazy 8’s.” Mix things up and borrow or trade for new games with friends and neighbors, or check some great board games out from your local library!

Make A Stop-Motion Animation Movie

This will take a steady hand and lots of patience but the results will be worth it. Lego setups, Barbie dolls or any toy would be fun. Not sure where to get started? Check out this easy guide.

Borrow From The Library

Stock up on new books, CDs, movies, and board games from your local library. Branch out and borrow a different genre or an old classic you remember from your childhood. Check out the online and in-person library programs to help pass the time as well.

Experiment In The Kitchen

Have the kids grab a few items from the fridge and pantry to whip up some new combinations of favorite foods. Add spices and sauces to jazz things up. Teach them how to use measuring cups, a knife, a can opener, and other kitchen gadgets.

Virtual Museum Tour

Virtual tours were all over the place when we were quarantined. No reason not to “visit” a museum from the comforts of your couch just because they’re open again. Check out The Louvre, The Met, and more!

War Memorial Tour

Did you know Indianapolis is home to the second-largest collection of war memorials and monuments in the United States? Head out for a history-filled day when you lead yourself on a tour of the area monuments. Check out Soldiers and Sailors, USS Indianapolis, and Veterans Memorial Park to name a few. For a little more Indiana history, check out these Indiana Presidential Locations.

Bird Watching

Borrow a pair of binoculars and head outside. You can scope out birds from your own backyard or head to one of the many trails in the area known for spotting native species.

Make a Fairy Garden

Use what nature gives you when you construct the coolest garden in fairyland. Fallen sticks and bark from trees, rocks, pinecones, and leaves can lead to some beautiful structures for the neighborhood fairies.

Sidewalk Chalk

More than just doodling (and we love doodling) you can trace shadows of favorite toys or each other, plan out a fun hopscotch all the way down the sidewalk, lay down and outline the kid’s bodies and let them color in clothes and facial features, or create a huge “chutes and ladders” game on the driveway to play with friends and family.

Painting with Pudding

Grab a box of vanilla instant pudding and mix it up. Once mixed, divide and add food coloring. Finger paint onto cardboard or thick paper. Perfect for toddlers since they’re likely to stick their fingers in their mouths!

Spring Garden Prep

With warmer weather on the horizon, why not get the grunt work done on your garden? Start prepping for the planting season. Have the kids help pull weeds and leftover growth from last year. Hand till the soil mixing up compost and organic matter. Fix any fencing or barriers that need mending. Work together and figure out what you’re going to plant in a few weeks.

Outdoor Movie or Game Night

When the weather is perfect we feel the need to be outside all the time. Move your planned movie or game night to the backyard if the conditions are right.

Make Bird Feeders

Scoop some peanut butter and slather it on a pine cone. Then roll it in birdseed. Loop a string or yarn around it and hang from a tree branch. Sit back and watch the show!

Become a “Hoosier Outdoor Child”

See if you can earn your certificate when you read the “Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights” from the Indiana DNR and complete their list of outdoor activities.

Backyard Campout

It is so much more handy to sleep in your backyard vs a campground. Camping at a state park is amazing but sometimes there is not enough time or energy. Tents, s’mores, outdoor board games, night insect hikes; our backyard is a new world after dark. It is all, literally, at your fingertips in the comfort of your backyard


Those living outside the city limits are blessed to have a more visible night sky. If seeing the stars from your area tends to be a challenge, toss a blanket in the car and head to the country. Download a star chart, lay back, and take it all in.

Spring Cleaning

Things tend to pile up and get pushed aside in the winter. Take a day or two and tackle some chaotic areas in your home. Have the kids go through their toys, books, and clothes. If things don’t fit, or haven’t been read or played with in forever, sell or donate. Spring is the start of so many new things; why not start with less clutter?

Yoga for Kids

Our go-to kid-friendly yogi is Cosmic Kids on YouTube. No need to find something special though; any beginner yoga pose can be adjusted to suit your kiddos’ abilities.

Learn a Dance

TikTok and YouTube are full of fun dance numbers that will have you shaking your groove thang. Why not teach the kids a few moves from your childhood too? Can you “Tootsie Roll” do the “Running Man” or “Twist” without breaking a hip?

Flashlight Tag

Kids think everything in the dark is more fun! This is a mix of tag and hide/seek. Play as a team or as individuals.  If you choose the team option, one team is “it” requiring everyone on that team to have flashlights; in the individual version, only the “it” person needs a light. To “tag” or find someone, the flashlight has to light the person up enough to recognize who they are to call out their name. In the team version, players can be put in “jail” until all teammates are found. In the individual version, once a person is found, they take over the flashlight and become “it.”

Build a Fort

Build a fort outside; sticks, leaves, shelter from a tree. Build a fort inside; couches, pillows and sheets. Drape a sheet over the kitchen table and let the kids have their own reading and snack nook for the day.

Paper Airplane Competition

Build them up, let them fly! Flight lengths, largest, most creative, or most colorful are all things you can judge. Test how far planes fly on different days. Visit your local library for how-to books or find many many videos on Youtube.

Create a Time Capsule

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that things can change in a moment. Snap some pictures, write some letters, jot down your memories and dreams. Then tuck them all away in a box to hide in the closet or attic for a few years.

DIY Bubbles

Make your own bubbles with a few household ingredients then spend the day outside with these fun bubble activities. Even our older kids love bubbles (and us parents do too, honestly).

Press Flowers

Snip a few spring blooms and press them so you can enjoy them all year. Sandwich your blossoms in parchment paper and let them sit with a heavy book on top (usually for a few weeks). We like to cut around the flower and make a display on the window. You could frame or laminate them as well!

Make a Nature Collage

Do your kids love art? Collect, design, or build with all things found in nature. Make a frame with sticks, a sculpture with rocks, or a collage of flowers.

Creek Stomping

Kids of all ages have fun exploring creeks and rivers during the long summer days. Grab your rainboots and head out during pleasant spring days too. We have so many awesome places to Creek Stomp around Indianapolis.

Walk the Cultural Trail

Check out art exhibits, sculpture gardens, and downtown amenities when you’re on the eight-mile-long Cultural Trail. Start and stop wherever is convenient for you. Pack a snack or plan on picking up a treat at a local shop.

Paint Cheerful Rocks

I have seen quite a few of these scattered around the park behind my house. They definitely make a walk brighter. Combine this activity with finding rocks at a creek bed while stomping and you have a full day of activities!

Scavenger Hunt

Write up a list of things to hunt throughout your neighborhood or town. Stick with a theme like nature, vehicles, colors, or animals. We love searching for items on our list during our walks around the neighborhood; the kids don’t complain about sore feet and it keeps everyone engaged.

Make a Movie

Big kids can write a screenplay, cast the characters, direct and film a movie. While little kids can help with ideas, props, and of course be the movie star!

Give a Makeover

Everyone needs a refreshed look every now and again. Use older or cheap makeup you were going to trash and have the kids give you (or each other) a makeover.

March Madness

We still have sports and if you’re a basketball enthusiast this is your favorite time of year. Check out these basketball-themed activities, great for any time of year.

Make a List

Make a few top ten lists of kid-friendly things. These are great keepsakes that you’ll have fun reading years from now. Try “10 favorite books,” “10 things that make them laugh,” or “10 places they like to go.” Big kids can write their own lists while littles can tell you what to write.

Obstacle Course

Use lawn furniture, trees, and playground equipment for an outside course or scatter pillows and cushions on the floor, use tables to go under and furniture to go around inside the house.

Paint the Driveway

Use washable paint and make a masterpiece all the neighbors will enjoy. Create your own Jackson Pollock or Picasso with paintbrushes, hands, or squirt guns!

Write a Story Together

Get your creative juices flowing. One person picks a character, the other picks a location. Take turns building on one another’s parts. See what crazy, silly adventures your characters get into. Write it down or record it to retell the story later.

Pokémon Go

The app is free to download. Go on a search for all the fun characters. You’ll enjoy lots of outdoor time and log many, many steps.

Family & Neighbor Game

Get an old-fashioned game of kickball set up with family and/or friends! Visit a local baseball diamond at a school and enjoy the playground while you are there. Ask the kids what they play during recess, and take a ball for those rounds of 4 square and other playground games.

Learn Pickleball

Pickleball is similar to tennis but played with a large paddle and ball that is similar to a wiffle ball. Appropriate for all ages and a fun way to exercise, pickleball is quickly gaining in popularity in the United States. Learn all the pickleball basics and find a pickleball court near you.

Minute-to-Win-It Games

With a variety of household items, many minute-to-win-it games can be played! Involve the whole family and have prize bags for added excitement! Visit Pinterest for some great game ideas.

Destination Walk

Walks are always more fun with a goal at the end. Give your kiddos a couple of options to choose from. Take a walk to the local park or the gas station for a snack. Nothing close to your house? Start off from a different area!

Visit Nature Centers

Local parks and nature preserves are great places to visit nature centers. They are full of fun animals and educational activities. Most have a bird viewing area filled with squirrels, chipmunks, and our winged friends.

Read Together

Studies show reading to or with your kids is extremely beneficial! Choose a classic, your favorite book as a kid or let your family vote. Use the slow pace of Spring Break to read in a new place environment; outside, near a creek, or in an indoor fort.

Visit a Farm

See all the farm animals while showing your family where their food really comes from. There are many great farms to visit, but one of our new favorites is WonderTree Farm in Zionsville. Heavenly Acres Farm is also extremely welcoming and even has campsites. A tour will be provided for free by appointment. Think about supporting their generosity by purchasing farm fresh eggs or an alpaca scarf.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Hobbies can always be hard to start with how busy we all feel. Take advantage of the extra time, be intentional, and try something new. Ignite Studio at The Hamilton East Public Library branch offers a TON of options!

Hunt for Geodes

Grab a bag, a small metal shovel, a magnifying glass, some patience, and start your search! Once your family is lucky enough to find a geode, you can choose to break it at the riverbed or take it home. Come go prepared for either is the safest bet. Kids (and us adults) will want to see the inside of the treasure pretty quickly, I’m sure!  Have a chisel and hammer ready, safety glasses on, and see what’s inside. Southern Indiana is the most likely to bring success.

Chase Waterfalls

You might be surprised by all the waterfalls in our area. Take the time to search; they are so magical. If it’s warm, spend some time splashing around, or just enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. Check a the list of our favorite Indiana Waterfalls.

Create a Game Plan

Have the kids help plan your week. Try a new park on Monday, grab new library books on Tuesday, and so on. Have a few goals and work on checking them off together. This will teach the kids about planning, setting goals, creating an action plan, and following through.

Do Nothing

Don’t forget to schedule some “unscheduled” time where everyone does nothing. When we go go go it can be hard to just sit. Often, we are over-scheduled and setting aside a day or two to just hang out is a welcome—although at times challenging—treat.

Spring break can be anything you make of it. No need to fly to a tropical destination! You can go go go all week or take a more relaxing approach and maybe schedule a few fun outings that are not part of your usual routine at home. Take advantage of the week and soak in as much fun or relaxation as you want. If you run out of ideas, we have this list of “65 FREE Spring Break Activities Near Me” prepared for you!

For even more inspiration, check out our list of 100 Spring Break Activities in Indianapolis, ideas for spring break with active kids, spring break activities for artsy kids, spring break outdoor activities with kids, and ideas for spring break with grandparents.

What are your favorite things to do for spring break? Share your spring break comments and photos with us below or tag us on social media using #PLAYindy. Follow Indy with Kids on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest for all of the best ideas and things to do with kids in Indy!

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