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The towns of Fortville and McCordsville may seem too far out of your normal stomping grounds but they are worth the short drive. Just Northeast of Indianapolis you will find plenty of “small towns” with some fantastic family-friendly finds. Check out these new-to-you parks and playgrounds

Parks & Playgrounds Near Fortville

Fortville Memorial Park

400 W. Church St. Fortville

Depending on who you ask this is “Memorial Park” or “Fortville Park”. They are one and the same just for clarification. This community park is huge. It’s situated at the junction of two ditches. Depending on the amount of rainfall you may find running water perfect for creek stomping. Hike the trails or bring a book and park yourself under one of the mature trees that speckle the hills and provide ample shade.

This park has three great playgrounds; all a bit different from each other. Our favorite, all the way in the back of the park, has snake-like monkey bars and an awesome dome climber, a couple of curly slides of varying heights, and of course swings. You will find a cute photo opp on the side of the playground structure; a height chart so you can measure your kids and see how much they’ve grown since your last visit.

The second playground area is just East of the basketball courts. Here you will find a good-sized play area with various ways to climb, dangle, and slide. The little wall of music is fun to play with; see if you can play a tune. There is also a merry-go-round and a few benches.

The playground towards the front of the park has old-school teeter-totters, huge metal slides, and even a merry-go-round to fly off of just like when we adults were kids. The giant metal curly slide is huge and quite intimidating. 

You’ll find people picnicking, catching air at the skate park, hiking, or tossing a Frisbee at the dog park.  Fortville’s Memorial Park has four picnic shelters and one enclosed shelter for event rentals. You will notice the baseball and softball diamonds scattered throughout where the little leagues and local school teams play. It’s no coincidence that the playgrounds are close to the diamonds; perfect for the little ones uninterested in the game. We even found a tiny play area in between the ball diamonds close to the train tracks. Tennis and basketball courts are available too. Restrooms are open seasonally and there is plenty of parking in various lots or roadside within the park.

Landmark Park

223 E Staat St, Fortville

This park is super close to downtown with all the shops and Fortville restaurants. It may be small in size but that’s what we like about it. There are only a few swings and a huge, classic metal slide in the playground area. The large greenspace is perfect for flying a kite, or a pickup game of soccer or football. Landmark Park houses a beautiful gazebo perfect for enjoying an ice cream treat from Libby’s. Paved paths and benches are scattered throughout the landscaping providing an easy walk while pushing your stroller and breathing some fresh air. Parking can be an issue as it’s mostly street parking. Landmark Park doesn’t have any restrooms either but Main Street is a block away and you’re likely to find a shop with facilities if you need one.

In years past Landmark Park is where the town festivals were held. Fortville’s Forth Fest and free concerts in the summer have vendors, food trucks, a kid’s zone, and lots of small-town comraderies. 

Fortville Elementary School

8414 N 200 W, Fortville

This elementary school playground is a bit different than your average school playground. The structure isn’t a bulky plastic piece with bridges and slides. This one has colorful rungs to climb and barrels to stand on while you spin. A few swings can be found nearby. We love how this playground gives the kids a new way to play and test their abilities. 

Mini-Marauder Preschool

1806 W. State Road 234, Fortville

The Mini-Marauder Preschool has a fairly new playground. Here you’ll find a couple of adaptive swings in addition to the standard swings. They have a play structure that includes climbing equipment, a few slides and play walls.  The preschool also has a mud kitchen and a water exploration table so come prepared to get dirty. The mulch ground cover can get soggy if it’s rained a significant amount. There are a few benches to relax on. No shade so wear sunscreen.  As a school, there is not public restroom so keep that in mind.


Parks & Playgrounds Near  McCordsville

Old School Park (also called McCordsville Play Park)

6030 West 750 North

This city park sits on the corner of two county roads. Traffic can get heavy so watch carefully if you have kids that like to wander. There is a small parking lot on the East side of the park or shoulder parking along the South. Follow the colorfully painted path to the picnic pavilion. Under the pavilion, you’ll find a few picnic tables, a grill, and a trashcan. Keep going along the painted path and hopscotch your way to the playset, swings, softball diamond, or basketball court. The play structure is pretty big. It has interactive attractions like a musical wall, a height chart, and cute little town-like features (a post office and a market to pretend play). One side of the structure is definitely geared for the toddler set as the slides are really small and there are stairs to climb up making it easy on little legs. You’ll find a merry-go-round near the swings too! Don’t miss the signage all along the paved path. The “born learning” trail offers ways to learn, play and explore with your kids. There is no restroom at this park. You’ll find a couple of gas stations and a CVS just North along N 600 W about a 2 min drive away.

Town Hall Park

6280 W 800 N McCordsville

Cruising along CR W 800 N and you will likely miss this little gem. Adjacent to the McCordsville town hall and sharing a parking lot is Town Hall Park. You won’t find a playground but there is a ton of room to play. Kick around a soccer ball, toss a football, or fly a kite. They have a short loop trail coming in at 0.25 mi, a good-sized picnic shelter, and a free little library. Grab a free book and park yourself in the grass for a quiet, relaxing day. Head there late in the day and the setting sun over the cornfields is just beautiful.  

McCordsville Elementry School

7177 N 600 W, McCordsville, IN 46055

Behind the school is a good-sized blue and red playground which can be seen from the road. This school playground has lots of swings and spinner things. You will find plenty of ways to climb including our favorite; the vertical rock wall then to get down we love the bumpy slide. The playground is spread out on a mulch ground covering and there is plenty of parking. No restrooms for public use at the school so if you need facilities head North on N 600 W to CVS or Speedway.

Small towns offer a certain charm throughout and it’s not lacking when it comes to their parks. They may not have a dozen to choose from but what they do have is perfect for their community. If you visit all these fantastic finds and are still on the hunt for a new-to-you park check out nearby Fishers or Greenfield for more great family-friendly options. Make a day of it and find some family-friendly fun in Fortville; including Wild Blackberry Farms!

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