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Throughout time playgrounds have become an essential part of child development. They enhance a child’s ability to reason, kids get them active outside, and playgrounds help develop family bonds. The town of Brownsburg has some incredible play spaces for kids and families. They also aiming to provide new playgrounds for kids and families of all abilities.

Best Playgrounds for Kids in Brownsburg

Blast off Playground at Williams Park

940 Locust Lane

Blast Off Playground is situated in one of the largest parks in Brownsburg, Williams Park. This playground is an all-time favorite for kids and adults of all ages and loads of fun. It’s a large wooden play structure that’s outer space themed. As you approach the playground you are greeted with a “Blast off” sign and large wooden spaceship structure that’s great for kids to play on. The playground features lots of ramps, steps and climbing structures for kids to go up to the top of the “spaceship”. There are large and small open slides for kids to slide down. In one area of the playground there are swings for big kids and toddlers, as well as a tire swing that my kids love swinging on.  There’s also a unique pull contraption where kids or adults can stand on, then use a spindle to move the ground below them. There is ample parking nearby and a picnic tables to enjoy a quick snack. The playground is not wheelchair accessible due to the wood chips, and the structure isn’t wheelchair friendly either.

Just a short walk down the park, is an additional playground that connects to the splash pad. This playground is newer and was added on when the splash pad was constructed. At this playground, there are “natural” climbing structures like large rocks and wood logs. There’s an adorable blue dragonfly seesaw. Next to the playground is the watermill splash pad that’s a great spot for kids to cool down. It has lots of unique splash zones and a super wave that dumps 32-gallons of water. Restrooms are located next to the splash pad, as well as water fountains and picnic tables. The playground isn’t wheelchair accessible, but the splash pad is wheelchair friendly. Our family loves packing a picnic and a change of clothes and spending most of our day having fun at the playground and splash pad.

Arbuckle Acres Playground

200 N Green Street

One of the oldest parks in Brownsburg, Arbuckle Acres Park boasts unique playgrounds. The main area of the park features a large, big kid play structure with a variety of slides, from tube twisty slides to open straight slides. The play structure has monkey bars, lots of climbing structures to reach the top of the play structure, there’s also mommy and me swings and regular swings for kids to play on. Near the playground is White Lick Creek, which is a great spot for creek stomping and having fun during warmer months. There is a large shelter next to the playground with ample picnic tables and benches for parents to use.


Next to the main playground is a new “tiny tot playground” that has been a favorite with my kids. It has three house-like structures; each with a different theme. One house is a market & café theme with an adorable seating area for pretend play, a market for buying things. The second structure is a house themed with a cute mailbox, steps to go into the house and little windows to look out. The third bright red structure is a fire station, equipped with a pretend fire truck that draws in so many kids to play on. This structures even has a cute dalmatian puppy to greet kids as they play. This adorable tiny tots’ playground is wheelchair friendly with its rubber flooring and toys being easily accessible on the outside of the play structures. There are ample parking spaces for visitors and restrooms nearby.


Northwest Community Playground

7950 N County Road 650 E

A newer park to the Brownsburg community, Northwest Community Playground, is a unique one in the sense that it was built and funded by it’s residents, local businesses, and organizations. Northwest Community Playground boasts a 11,700-sq ft wooden playground structure. The playground area is fenced in with a wooden fence and one entrance, allowing kids to stay within the parameters and for parents to feel safe that children will not be wondering off. Throughout the park you’ll notice beautiful and colorful murals painted on parts of the wooden structure, one of my kid’s favorite is the colorful mountain set on a rock-climbing wall. There are two play structures: a big kid area and a toddler area, which is a great way for little ones to get a chance to play without getting hurt.

The big kid play structure features lots of climbing obstacles to reach the tower, open slides, bridges and adorable, colorful xylophone. My four-year-old son loved making music with the large xylophone. The toddler section is an adorable area for little ones, its themed as a farm, equipped with a colorful red barn that has smaller rock-climbing area, a small open slide, and small mushroom steppingstones. Even though my one-year-old isn’t walking yet, she has fun going down the slide and playing in the barn area. The playground also features a seesaw, riding animals, toddler swings, regular swings, a tire swing, and adaptive swings. This is truly a great park for kids and caregivers to explore. This playground does have some ramps but it not wheelchair friendly due to the wood chips.

The park has ample parking space, restrooms nearby, a ¾ of a mile walking trail that is mulched, an 18-hole disc golf course and a fishing pond. It’s opened dawn to dusk.


Parks & Playgrounds in Progress

Virgil Park Playground

South of CR 300 North and East of CR 900 East

Virgil Park is a large 6.67-acre land that features natural elements to maintain the wetland that are on the property. The goal of this park is to create a habitat for native plants, insects, and animals. With phase one completed, Virgil Park is set to move on to the next phases and that’s to create more parking spaces for visitors, a restroom, picnic and shelter area and a playground. It’s projected to be completed in 2022. This will be great natural park that will add another family fun outdoor adventure.

Cardinal Park Playground

402 E Main Street

Another newer park is Cardinal Park. This park has three phases of construction. Phase one and two are complete and phase three is projected to start this year. The park currently has 50 parking spaces, part of the B&O Trail, restrooms and a 2-acre dog park. An new all-inclusive/sensory playground is set to open in 2022. This will be the first playground of its kind in Brownsburg and Hendricks County. A great addition for families of all abilities.

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