Where to Buy Hot Chocolate Bombs Locally

We’re no strangers to really good hot chocolate, in fact, we’ve figured out who has the best hot chocolate in Indy and we’re had the Kona Gourmet Hot Cocoa truck visit our house, but now we’re all smitten with hot cocoa bombs!

Remember when everyone was making and buying and selling bath bombs? That was sooooo last Christmas! The bomb that everyone is talking about this year is the hot chocolate bomb!

What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

Hot chocolate bombs are a sphere of chocolate filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa. We’ve seen some unique spins on the hot chocolate bomb, including our favorite, the Unicorn Bomb (pictured: Unicorn Bombs by Not Enough Dough Cookies.) White chocolate with a pink and purple swirl. Once melted, edible glitter and sprinkles and rainbow marshmallows emerge and melt into a tasty treat.

How do I use a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

All you have to do is heat up some milk (generally about one cup) and drop the bomb in. The chocolate shell will melt, releasing the contents in to the cup. Alternatively, you can drop the bomb in your mug and pour hot milk over it. When the marshmallows are released, it’s known as a “bloom.”

Where to buy Hot Chocolate Bombs in Indianapolis, Hamilton County and more

After calling every single chocolate shop and chocolatier in the Indianapolis area, I came up with only two local shops that are offering chocolate bombs and one of them told me that they cannot even keep up with the orders they have so please don’t tell people they have them. It looks like it’s a winning season for those “cottage cooks” are going to keep winning big with this trend

Guaranteed to be a hit with kids and adults of all ages, Hot Chocolate Bombs are the stocking stuffer of the year. They’ve been made popular by Tik Tok videos, Youtubers and food bloggers. Here are some local businesses that you can order bombs from. The businesses listed include a few local moms who are offering their hot cocoa bombs for sale from their home based kitchen. While they come highly recommended by our readers, please check with them regarding any certifications of environmental factors that are important to you and your nutrition.

Schakolad Chocolate Factory – Two locations

Schakolad first got on our radar because of the chocolate dipped wine bottles an Indy with Kids friend sells. Today we’re all about their chocolate bombs. They come in the traditional sphere but also in the shape of Santa and other holiday fun. Instead of chocolate powder, Schakolad uses extra chocolate and homemade marshmallows. Just pour hot milk over the bomb and it’s a complete beverage.

351 Marketplace Mile, Plainfield & 6010 West 86th Street, Indianapolis.

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Photos by Shortcakes


Famous for her deliciously flavored cupcakes, Ashley whips up a variety of wonderful cocoa bombs. We’re pretty impressed with the white chocolate unicorn bomb and the salted caramel bombs. Shortcakes sells hot chocolate bombs for $4-6 + delivery. Delivery to Indy is only $5 per order and gifts can be shipped (rate varies by weight). The last day to order for shipping before the holidays is December 11. The final day to order for delivery is December 18.

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Photo by The Cake and Confetti Shoppe

The Cake and Confetti Shoppe

Order up a custom cake for your birthday or grab one of Jessica’s handcrafted cocoa bombs! You can even have them specially wrapped for teacher gifts. With 10 flavors to choose from, you’ll find the perfect one for you. For a little bit extra, your bomb can have a holiday design on it. The final shipping and pickup date for the holidays is December 17. Order through the Cake and Confetti Shoppe Facebook page.

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Photo by Reat’s Sweets & Treats

Reat’s Sweets & Treats

Raegan, a 5th grader in Fishers just sold her 500th Cocoa Bomb! She has wonderful flavors available and each bomb looks like a work of art. Order soon because Reats treats have been selling out! Available for pickup or delivery.

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Photo by Not Enough Dough Cookies

Not Enough Dough Cookies, Westfield

Not Enough Dough Cookies is a popular home based vendor in Hamilton County. Her hot chocolate bombs have been flying out every week! She has three more hot cocoa bomb pickup dates between now and the end of the year. Order and pickup in person on either December 1, 8 or 22nd.

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Photo by Confections by Kay

Confections by Kay (Lebanon/Noblesville)

Kay offers a variety of hot chocolate bombs, including: milk chocolate, white chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, unicorn, raspberry chocolate, pumpkin spice, salted caramel and peanut butter chocolate. Prices are around $5 each or 6 for $28.

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Once Upon a Party

This local party lady has cocoa bombs for sale in gift packs. Your chocolate bomb is available for delivery in a mug, a tin or other fancy holiday decor. Place your holiday order by 12/17 for delivery or by 12/15 if they need to be shipped.

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Whisk Bakery and Catering – Greenfield

Whisk Bakery and Catering makes hot cocoa bombs in flavors like milk chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter and peppermint. Prices are $5 each or $25 for six.

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Kiln Creations – Two Locations

We’re all fired up about the $6 hot cocoa bombs at this paint your own hot spot. Stop by and pick them up, but call ahead to be sure they’re still in stock.

60 N. 9th Street, Noblesville  6511 Ferguson St, Indianapolis


DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs: How to Make Cocoa Bombs at Home


Chocolate Chips or melting chocolate
Hot Cocoa Powder
Mini Marshmallows
Silicone Dome Molds

Melt your chips in a microwave safe bowl in 15 second intervals, stirring during each interval until the chips are all melted. Use a spoon to smooth the chocolate into the molds, covering the entire sphere half. Let it cool in the fridge until it is firm. Fill one side of the sphere about 3/4 full with your cocoa mix, marshmallows and any other mix-ins you’ve selected. Now you can smooth a layer over the back of the toppings to seal it in. The most popular way to create the bombs is to remove the chocolate “bowl” and then fill it and then put two halves together and seal them with melted chocolate.  We found the easiest method with our kids was to just seal the top of one half of the bomb and have a bomb that was flat on one side. It all tastes the same! Let it cool in the fridge for another 30 minutes or until firm. Now you’re ready to use it! Add it to your favorite coffee beverage or hot milk!


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