There’s food, and then there’s Fair Food. If you’re anything like me, you look forward to the Indiana State Fair all year to take your kids to enjoy all of the free family fun and try all of the new and favorite foods you’ve come to love. This year, the Taste of the Fair doesn’t leave us empty stomached, there are so many wonderful foods to try! Make sure you get those advance fair tickets for the best Indiana State Fair discount so you can visit many times to try all of the foods!

This guide to our Favorite Fair Foods is presented by our friends, the Indiana Pork Farmers. In addition to serving up a Taste of the Fair signature item this year, they offer a great kids meal!


Indiana State Fair Foods Kids & Their Parents Will Love

The Indiana Pork BBQ Split

Picture this: flavorful pulled pork (and not just any pork, Indiana Pork), fresh coleslaw and creamy mac and cheese all served in a banana split boat. It’s a trifecta of perfection all pulled together in a way that makes it easy to carry around the fairgrounds. Fork recommended.

While you’re there, grab a kids meal for the younger ones in your crew. On $2 Tuesdays, don’t miss the $2 pork slider. In fact, you might be interested in some of our favorite food items from the Indiana State Fair Pork Tents.

$9 at the Indiana Pork Farmers Tents located  in front of the Swine Barn, in front of the West Pavilion (Cattle Barn) and near Pioneer Village.

Deep Fried Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

The State Fair might be the winner when it comes to creating a space for creativity to thrive in the deep fryer. This year, fairgoers will be treated to a cool treat, sort of. A scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiches between yummy chocolate chip cookies and then dipped into famous state fair funnel cake batter before it’s carefully placed in the deep fryer. The powdered sugar and chocolate syrup garnish is just the icing on the cookie.

Sold by Urick Concessions

Relleno de Papa

This deep fried mashed potato ball is stuffed with seasoned ground beef and then served atop a bed of rice.

Blue Raspberry Twister

This blue raspberry lemonade beverage is sure to be a favorite for the kids and adults alike. We’ll report back.

Super Hero USA All the Way Pancake

We see it as pandering to the Indiana State Fair Heroes in the Heartland theme, but our kids see it as the most delicious thing to eat at the fair. This supersize Dutch pancake is loaded with strawberries, blue berries and a stripe of whipped cream down the middle. This is probably the most cost effective food I’ll buy at the fair because my kids will actually eat it and I can guarantee that nothing will be left behind.

The Rollin’ Mac Daddy Egg Roll

This egg roll is filled with mac and cheese and then deep fried to perfection. Top this baby with pulled BBQ turkey and then add either cheese sauce or BBQ sauce and your mouth will be happy.

Hoosier Hometown Hash

I honestly have no idea how many kids would eat this, but I do know that the Dairy Bar is famous for their kid-friendly food selections; grilled cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, ice cold chocolate milk, ice cream. Each year they feature a special grilled cheese sandwich that is selected from their grilled cheese contest at the Indiana State Fair the year before. This year, the winning combo is a s mix of four cheeses; muenster, pepper jack, cheddar and Swiss, but you wont find them sandwiched between bread. Enter the bookends of grilled hash brown patties! Make no mistake, I’m trying this one. And if it’s as great as it sounds, there won’t be any left for my kids.


This traditional Canadian treat may have been perfected right here at the Indiana State Fair — potatoes fried to a crisp in Maple Leaf Farms duck fat, sprinkled with sea salt and topped with cheddar cheese curd nuggets and then smothered in a secret Poutine recipe. Think cheesy french fries with gravy but on a whole different level.

Looking for an even better dish and you left the kids at home? Add bacon! Crispy hickory smoked peppery bacon is aboard the Bacon Poutine Taste of the Fair list.

My kids are more into the simple things and that’s okay! Duck Fat Fries with Quack Sauce are available.

Caramel Coffee Milkshake

Creamy vanilla ice cream, caramel and coffee blended into the newest Dairy Bar shake you love! Perfectly acceptable breakfast and anytime. This isn’t your average Starbucks coffee drink. After trying this one, you’ll wish it was around all year, like you do with Pumpkin Spice.

Trifecta Hero Dreamsicle

Lemon Shakeups might be an all time favorite for kids and adults at the fair, but this year, the shakeup is being combined with a vanilla shake and slushy to make a drinkable dreamsicle. Made with freshly squeezed lemons, limes and orange juice, combined with a homemade simple syrup and french vanilla cream, this drink is heavenly.

Spicy Food for the Adults

Bison Hush Puppies

A spicy, meaty twist on a southern favorite; a blend of cornmeal batter, jalapeño and Red Frazier Bison rolled into a delightful ball and then deep fried and served with seasoned sour cream.

Buffaloaded French Fries

This huge serving of french fries is smothered in creamy cheddar cheese sauce, buffalo hot sauce, ranch dressing and bleu cheese. It comes topped with chicken, real bacon bits and chives.

Cajun Queen

You choose 1, 2 or all 3 meats (blackened chicken, New Orleans steak and Andouille sausage) to be laid on a bed of jambalaya rice. Then, choose grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, melted sharp cheddar cheese and a homemade hot sauce to top off this tasty platter of meat!

Angry Pretzel Poppers with Mad Ranch Sauce

I can already taste the heat from these pretzels and you can bet my kids won’t ask for a bite…or at least they won’t ask twice. Diced jalapeños mixed in a made from scratch dough, then rolled in diced jalapeños to provide a jalapeño coating. These hotter than hot bites are then baked, buttered and salted. Paired with a jalapeño ranch dressing.