We’ve never been shy about sharing our love for the best foods at the food at the Indiana State Fair, and we’re fanatics about the Dairy Bar food, but have you seen the food concoctions that are being whipped up in the Pork Tents at the Indiana State Fair? Some of the most popular Indiana State Fair foods are being served at the Pork Tent, with three locations throughout the fair. Find one near you: in front of the Swine Barn, in front of the West Pavilion (Cattle Barn) and near Pioneer Village.

We’re sharing this sponsored article on behalf of our partners, the Indiana Pork Farmers. They serve up such great food at the Indiana State Fair, why wouldn’t we share it with you?!

The Indiana Pork BBQ Split

Picture this: flavorful pulled pork (and not just any pork, Indiana Pork), fresh coleslaw and creamy mac and cheese all served in a banana split boat with a giant pickle slice on the side. It’s a trifecta of perfection all pulled together in a way that makes it easy to carry around the fairgrounds. Fork recommended.

$9 at the Indiana Pork Farmers Tents


A fair food favorite since it made its debut last year; the popular Potatchoes dish is made with delicious roasted pit potatoes, topped with the famous pulled pork barbecue and covered in sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo and jalapeños.

$9 at the Indiana Pork Farmers Tent

Pulled Pork with Pit Potatoes

A generous portion of Indiana BBQ Pulled Pork served up along with a side of pit potatoes, slaw and a small drink for this great meal deal.

$14 at the Indiana Pork Farmers Tents

$2 Tuesday Pork Sliders

During $2 Tuesdays at the Indiana Sate Fair, you can grab a $2 Pork Slider; delicious Indiana BBQ pulled pork piked attop a slider bun.

Indiana Pork Burger

An all pork burger patty sandwiched between two buns, it’s a treat! Add a side of apple sauce or chips for a fantastic meal. This delightful burger is a so popular that you can even take home a case of frozen pork burger patties to cook up at home!

$8 for the meal at the Indiana Pork Farmers Tents

Pork Chop Dinner

This scrumptious bone-in pork chop dinner won’t break your diet or your wallet. Enjoy one of the best pork chops in the world with a side of chips or applesauce.

$10 at the Indiana Pork Farmers Tents