Indianapolis Colts Junior Cheer and Preschool Cheer Program

Living in Indianapolis is pretty special, especially if you are a sports fan. Local fan favorites (and winners of the 2006 Super Bowl!), the Colts, play their home games at Lucas Oil Stadium. Indiana really bleeds blue during football season, so your kids are probably busy watching games, idolizing T. Y. Hilton, or maybe even Blue, the Colts’ mascot.

The Colts franchise cares about its fans and making the experience something the whole family can enjoy. Several years ago, the Colts made major moves to make watching a home game easier for families. On top of that, every summer the Colts open up their pre-season training camp to the public and add lots of FREE family fun. One of the coolest, kid-friendly things the Colts have to offer is their Junior Cheer and Preschool Cheer program.

Join in All the Excitement!

The Junior Cheer and Preschool Cheer programs are an awesome way for young girls to contribute to the game day atmosphere and excitement while learning what it takes to be a real Colts Cheerleader. The Junior Cheer program really is amazing. At my daughter’s preschool graduation, she said she wanted to be a cheerleader when she grows up. The Colts Junior Cheer program was an opportunity for her to spend time with positive role models and work with the best of the best.

The program runs from May to January, has no tryouts, and is open to all girls. Dependent on age, participants are placed in either Junior Cheer or Preschool Cheer. The Preschool program is for girls ages 3 to 5. Junior Cheer accepts aspiring cheerleaders from the age of 6 to 14. Girls are fitted for their cheer uniform at the time of registration. The uniforms are always amazing, and are designed to be a replica of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders’ uniform.

Gain Confidence Through Cheer Performances

New Junior Cheerleaders practice their routines once a month at Cheer Clinics. There are two clinic locations. The first is at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center, and the second location is at Grand Park in Westfield. At clinics, the girls become a part of the squad headed by a Colts Cheerleader. They work on dance, cheer basics, and choreography. Skills are taught at varying levels to suit the age of the students.

Junior and Preschool Cheerleaders make a number of appearances throughout the duration of the program. They start by participating in the IPL Indy 500 Parade, and then kick off the summer by cheering at an Indianapolis Indians game.  The girls also perform at Colts training camp, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and half-time of one preseason and one regular season Colts game. These appearances are such a great way to see young cheerleaders grow with confidence.

Volunteer In Your Community

The Colts Junior Cheer program encourages participants to grow personally even beyond their new cheer skills and self-assurance. In addition to opportunities to perform, the girls also have squad building homework assignments. These homework assignments promote volunteering and making healthy lifestyle choices as ways to contribute positively to your community.

The Colts Cheerleaders are amazing at building up self esteem and confidence in their young trainees. If you have an aspiring cheerleader in your life, the Colts Junior Cheer program is a first-rate experience you need to check out.

3 thoughts on “Indianapolis Colts Junior Cheer and Preschool Cheer Program”

  1. I am extremely disappointed with the junior cheerleaders leader ship and managers. Last Sunday’s preseason game put the junior cheerleaders on a video screen towards the end of halftime. The cameraman focused mostly on the adult cheerleaders and very little on the kids. In fact I did not even see my niece at all, which was the reason I attended the game in the first place. The leader ship should be ashamed! I have nothing good to say about you and the decision not to let the kids perform on the field. And why wouldn’t you show all of the kids and not focus on the adult cheerleaders.

    1. Please contact the organization directly. This isn’t the forum for this, we are not affiliated and the leadership will not see your feedback here. Thanks.

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