Indy Scream Park Haunted House and Attractions

Are you looking for a frightfully good time this Fall? Look no further, because Indy Scream Park in Anderson has all the fright and fun you could possibly want for you and yours between now and Halloween!

Indy Scream Park

This interactive park has 6 thrilling attractions ranging on a level of scary fun to absolutely terrifyingly fun: Zombie Paintball Assault, Nightmare Factory Blackout, Killgore’s 3D Circus, Zombieland Unchained, Backwoods and Mutation! Indy Scream Park does not have a minimum age requirement, but it is recommended for ages 13 and up. Please use your own judgment and discretion as some exhibits may be best suited for older teens. 

When I attended Indy Scream Park, I experienced the midway, which has games, food, drinks and scary clowns and other terrifying monsters wandering the grounds. I also experienced 3 out of the 6 attractions and thoroughly enjoyed them all! Killgore’s 3D Circus was the scariest one I walked though, and I won’t give anything away there, but be prepared to scream. The other walk through attraction I participated in was Nightmare Factory Blackout. The darkness and scary sounds in this exhibit is what gives off tons of scare factor! 

Zombie Paintball Haunted Attraction

New for 2020 at Indy Scream Park is the Zombie Paintball Assault attraction. This was by far my favorite attraction when I visited Indy Scream Park. You board a bus and you get to fire paintballs at zombies trying to come toward the bus! It is a thrilling experience and the atmosphere is on point for spooky fun! Out of all of the attractions, the Zombie Paintball Assault was the least scary, but quite thrilling and we had a great time experiencing it! It is an additional cost, but it is very much worth it in my opinion.

In order to participate in this attraction, you must sign a waiver, and minors require a parent signature. It is recommended to download and print the waiver ahead of your visit to Indy Scream Park. 

Tickets for Indy Scream Park

A general admission ticket is required to enter Indy Scream Park, but this admission as well as the VIP “Fast Pass and Super VIP “Fast Pass” tickets do not grant admission to Zombie Paintball Assault. This attraction requires a separate ride ticket available online at Indy Scream Park’s website.

COVID Precautions at Indy Scream Park

One important thing to note is that Indy Scream Park is taking precautions with the Covid-19 pandemic. The park has a limited capacity. They have hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of every exhibit, social distancing is maintained in lines and masks are required at Indy Scream Park. Please be sure to read more about Indy Scream Park’s Covid-19 Safety Plan on their website.

Come on out to Indy Scream Park this Fall and share your own personal frightfully fun experiences with Indy with Kids!

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