Things to do in Avon with Kids

Avon is a quaint town, located west of the Indianapolis International Airport and downtown Indianapolis. It has grown exponentially with new families and young professionals in the past decade. With its expansion, there have been a great number of new businesses offering loads of fun for families and kids. As a parent in the area, I’m always looking out for new and exciting places for my kids to have fun and explore. Below you’ll find a list of places to have fun as a family, and to get those kiddos out and about in the town of Avon.


The Tie Dye Lab

8100 E. US Highway 36, Suite I, Avon

The Tie Dye Lab offers everyone of all ages the unique experience of getting to make your very own tie-dye gear. They have an assortment of dyeable items to choose from, including shirts, hats, bags, and more. There is something for everyone! Once you make your item selection, you’ll choose the colors you will want to use and get started. After your colors are just the way you want them, the staff will assist in the remaining process. This allows take your item home the very same day. The Lab offers preschool days for littles to make their very own masterpieces, and homeschool days for those who want to meet other homeschooling families through a fun activity. The Tie Dye Lab also host story times for mom, church, or any other special groups. If your child wants a unique and special birthday, then this is great place to host a birthday party or any event and guests to keep something they made.


The Virtual Galaxy 

291 Shiloh Crossing Drive, Avon

Growing in popularity, there are a number of virtual reality game trucks and stores offering this unique virtual experience. The Virtual Galaxy in Avon offers a wide variety of virtual games, a café, and an arcade. They have great deals and incentives for families wanting to discover a new way to play. Kids who earn an A on each report card get more time on the VR. They also have hour-long specials from Monday-Thursday, where players can have an hour of play time for $30. This is a great place to bring older kids and teens for family bonding time.

Red Curb Theater

8403 E. US Highway 36, Avon

Do you have a kid who always seems to make jokes? How about a day at the Red Curb Theater? This improv comedy club allows comedians to come together and perform (without prior rehearsal) on stage for the audience. The theater in Avon is a great space to take kids, and don’t worry- there are kid-friendly days where all content and everything being said is kid-friendly. The shows typically last 90 minutes and each visit will be a new experience with different material. The PG shows have concessions available and start on Saturdays at 7:30pm.

Xtreme Lazer Tag Avon

8131 Kingston Street, Avon

This is a fun and extreme activity, great for older kids and teens to enjoy with family and friends. Even my eight-year-old son enjoys laser tag with his friends. Xtreme Lazer Tag in Avon is located within Hendricks County, and offers great deals for your family to enjoy a day of indoor playing. Each Friday night is “Friday Night Frenzy” from 8-11pm.  This special event includes 3 hours of unlimited laser tag play. Also, each Sunday there is a “Sunday Special” where you can purchase 4 games of tag for only $20 per person. The facility is open on Thursday 4-8pm, Friday 5-11pm, Saturday noon-11pm, and Sunday from noon-6pm.

Hot Skates Roller Skating

241 Casco Drive, Avon

Roller skating is a great way to get those active kids into a new physical activity, all while having a great time. Hot Skates in Avon is the only location in Hendricks County offering roller skating family fun. The space is setup in bright and bold colors, and there is a small arcade area for kids to play games after skating. Hot Skates also has a concession stand, selling all sorts of delicious treats. The skating rink is large enough to provide ample space for new and experienced skaters. For kids who may be new to skating, the facility has skater aides, which allow kids to hold while getting acquainted with skating. Hot Skates host various events throughout the months for families to enjoy. They facility also allows for various parties to be hosted, such as birthdays, private events, and school parties.  Hots Skates is open Friday-Sunday, with various timings. Be sure to check their site in-advance, to be sure of hours of operation.

Hendricks Regional Health YMCA

301 Satori Way, Avon

YMCA’s have historically been a beneficial part of any community. The Hendricks Regional Health YMCA is a great place to take kids to burn off some energy indoors. My boys like to play basketball on open gym days. We also enjoy swimming and walking along the outdoor trail. There is also an indoor play space for kids to have fun. The play space is enclosed in its own large room, and has seats and tables for parent’s or caregivers to sit and watch kids play. There are also wooden cube toys designed for babies and toddlers to play with, making this a great option for families with kids of all ages.

Chuck E. Cheese

9931 E. US Highway 36, Avon

Chuck E Cheese has been a long-time destination for many parents to take their kids during weekends.  I remember growing up and going to Chuck E. Cheese for friends’ and cousin’s birthday parties. Today, Chuck E. Cheese has updated their games and overall atmosphere to accommodate the newer generation of kids. Rather than those infamous tokens, there are game cards that can be used for every visit, which can be reloaded online, by the app, or in-store. During the week, the play space offers a pizza buffet, with a selection of traditional pizza choices and dessert pizza. There are great incentives online for kids to earn free tickets, such as reading each day, cleaning their bedroom, and earning certain grades at school. Our family visits the Avon Chuck E. Cheese, and it’s always a fun time for my boys.

Painting with a Twist

8111 E. US Highway 36, Avon

A great way to get kids creative and in the spirit of painting is with Painting with a Twist’s wonderfully curated painting canvases. At Painting with a Twist, kids can paint a masterpiece at the studio, at home, or during a party. Painting with a Twist offers various in-studio events, and you can host a birthday party at the studio, as well. There are also painting at home kits that have been put together with all the necessary supplies for you and your kids to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Bisque Barn Pottery Paint Studio

9778 US Highway 36 W., Avon

Their motto is “Let us help you make your creative ideas come to life!” Bisque Barn Pottery Paint Studio isn’t your typical paint studio. This Studio allows everyone to become an artist, no matter your level. It’s a wonderful place to bring everyone for a creative family date night. At the Studio, kids and adults can paint on canvas, wood, or pottery. It’s a wonderful place to create a family piece of art to showcase in your home or gift to grandparents, family, or friends. The Studio is also part of the Enchanted Fairy Trail, where kids will be able to see an adorable fairy setup, and may even choose to paint their very own fairy house. The studio welcomes group paintings, birthday parties, or any special occasion. They also can bring the products to your party location. It’s a great way to get the entire family in on the creative process.

Regal Shiloh Crossing

10400 US Highway 36, Avon

Regal Theater has been a great location take kids to view new and upcoming movies. The theater features 12 screens and a Regal Unlimited Program, where you can come in as many times to watch movies through the program and receive a 10% discount on concession. During the summer they feature kid-friendly days, they play an older cartoon movie for a cheaper price and have a kid concession treat box deal.


Avon’s Outdoor RC Track 36

6570 E. US Highway 36, Avon

RC cars have become a huge hit in the last few years. Kids, parents, and grandparents have loved taking these large powered vehicles to play with, both indoors and outdoors. Located within the Avon Town Hall Park on the east side, this is an incredible R/C race track. It’s currently the only one in Hendricks County, and has many fans, both big and small, coming to race their vehicles. Whenever my family visits the park, we make sure to stop by and check out some of the races going on. My boys have loved seeing these vehicles race on the dirt track, to the point we are considering purchasing one of these vehicles to test out our racing skills. There is plenty of parking space nearby, and part of the sidewalk leading to the outlook of the track is gravel, so it may not be wheelchair friendly. The track is open from dawn to dusk, but when it is wet, the track will be closed until further notice.

Helen Pecar Nature Center

5203 E. County Road 150 N., Avon 4

The Helen Pecar Nature Center is a true gem to the town of Avon. It’s a place that is not crowded and great for getting kids outdoors to explore an array of what nature has to offer. There are ample parking spaces, so no need to worry about that. The first thing you will see from the parking lot, is the incredible Nature Center. It is home to tortoises, a bearded dragon, and lots of great geology learning tools. The restrooms are located inside the Nature Center, as well as water fountains and a kitchen area.

Outside the Nature Center is a natural-style treehouse playground, a classroom, and a pigeon rescue area. If you need a natural getaway with your family, there are 8 campsites with picnic tables and trash cans to use. To the right of the Nature Center, there is a gravel path that leads to the Raccoon Lagoon, where the park allows approved boats. There are also kayaks that may be rented for the day. It’s a great place to take the entire family for a nature outing or staycation.

Enchanted Fairy Trail

Various locations throughout Avon

Do you have a child that loves going on enchanting adventures? The Enchanted Fairy Trails in Avon are the perfect place to take your little fairy out exploring, checking out all the adorable, tiny fairy-like houses and habitats. At each stop, you can scan a QR code with your smart phone to watch a video from fairies. Each year there are fairy festivals, and kids can also write letters to the Dragonfly Fairy. It’s a wonderful trail to get kids out in a different and unique way of exploring the town of Avon.

Avon Garden

6259 County Road 91, Avon

If you and your kids love exploring beautiful outdoor spaces or you need inspiration for your own backyard, Avon Gardens is an oasis to explore. This five-acre green space is open during warmer months. The garden is open to visitors and offers a lush space, full of a variety of plants, trees, and beautiful flowers. I would recommend visiting each month due to the variety of flowers that bloom within weeks of each other. The garden has tables, chairs and benches placed throughout the acres for visitors to relax and take in the beauty, while providing ideas for those needing backyard inspiration. This garden displays part of the Enchanted Fairy Trail, and kids love exploring its little fairy oasis. This has been a great place for our family to purchase beautiful Spring flowers, and we have absolutely loved escaping to this little garden oasis in the heart of Avon.

Avon Town Hall Park     

6570 E US Highway 36, Avon

Avon Town Hall Park is another magnificent park in the heart of Avon, located behind Avon Town Hall. Open from dawn to dusk, the 83-acre park boasts some incredible scenic trails, a large fishing pond, two playgrounds, ping pong tables, shelters, and an Angel of Hope statue that stands proudly in the park. We have loved watching other visitors fish in this pond, and taking a moment to admire the beautiful scenery, with its paved trails. There is a half-mile Story Walk trail connecting the Avon Town Hall Park to the Avon Public Library. During Spring and Summer, the trail features rotating children’s books chosen and provided by the Avon Public Library.

The playground area of the park features a three-level structure, full of various ways to climb to the top. There is also a long tube slide and several open slides seen throughout the play structure. The playground does have a wheelchair ramp for wheelchair play and access, but be cautious due to the playground area being covered in wood chips. There is a large shelter with lots of picnic tables nearby and large restrooms, as well. There are ping pong tables for visitors of all ages to use. The park also boasts a 9-hole disc golf course that has become the home for many regional tournaments, as well as league and recreational play.

Washington Township Park

115 McClain Place, Avon

Washington Township Park truly has something for everyone in your family, with its large 160-acre green space. Being neighbors to Avon, we frequent this park often for its many opportunities. The Park has an upper section and a lower section. The upper section has a fun large play structure for big kids with high up tube slides, fast open slides, and lots of areas to climb and explore. My boys love climbing to the very top and seeing how everything looks down below. This playground is not wheelchair friendly due to the rubber woodchips.

Next to the big kid play space is a smaller playground for toddlers and crawlers. With an almost one-year-old, it’s the perfect place to take her to crawl around without her getting hurt by a big kid. There’s a soft, rubber surface perfect for little ones, and is also wheelchair accessible. There are smaller slides that are just her size, and adorable animal statues that are fun to climb on for all ages. The upper part of the park also has a 24 foot-gazebo, basketball court, horseshoe pits, picnic facility, restrooms, and ample parking spaces.

As you walk or drive to the lower section of the park, there are lots of beautiful green trees and nice open green spaces. You are also greeted by the historic 1876 Whipple Iron Truss Bridge, which has been a favorite “haunted story” of the town. At the lower section, there is a splash pad that’s a great addition for Summertime, a smaller playground with unique climbing structures, and swings for kids to play on. There are ample parking spaces and restrooms. The area is wheelchair accessible, expect for the playground space, due to the rubber woodchips. During the Summer months, the Park hosts Summer camps for school-aged kids and concerts in the amphitheater. During the winter, they host Penguin Park.

Burnett Woods Nature Preserve

Preserve is to the East of Light & Life Church

Parking is at 8264 E. County Road 100 S., Avon

A tranquil oasis in Avon, Burnett Woods is a beautiful place for everyone in the family to explore, hiking through its mature woods all year long. During Spring, it’s full of magical wildflowers and new blooms. During the Summer, it’s a beautiful green canopy full of mature trees and green grass. During Fall, enjoy it’s breathtaking yellow and red colors. We love visiting this nature preserve to play nature hide-and-seek.

Ice Bumper Cars

RBI Fields (formerly the Avon Softball Park)

104 S. County Road 625 E., Avon

Bumper car rides have become quite popular in the last few years. Each Winter we see these cars in various sizes, and in indoor or outdoor ice rinks. The ice bumper cars in Avon are an outdoor facility in the RBI fields. It’s open during Winter months on Saturdays from 11am-2pm and Sundays from 12-4pm. To operate a bumper car, kids must be 5 years old and 36” tall, otherwise smaller children may ride with an adult. All kids 12 years and younger must have adult supervision, and everyone must have a signed waiver before riding. It can get very cold while riding the bumper cars, so I would recommend wearing gloves and a hat to keep warm. There are also warming stations for guests.

Disc Golf

6570 E US Highway 36, Avon

A new sport that my kids have discovered is disc golf. It’s a flying disc sport where players throw a disc to the target. The rules for the winner are if you have the lowest number of total throws. The disc golf 18-hole course is in the Avon Town Hall Park. There are scorecards located in the mailbox that is attached to the board by the first tee. This has been a great new sport for our family to discover, and we hope you enjoy it, too.


Gable Fishing Park 

229 S. Gable Drive, Avon

Gable Fishing Park is a 10-acre facility located off Gable Dr. (behind Ashley Furniture). It has a 3-acre fishing pond that’s a great place for catch & release fishing for all ages.

Washington Township Park

 115 McClain Place, Avon

Washington Township Park has two half-acre ponds, both of which are stocked by the Department of Natural Resources. This fishing pond is a great place to take kids to learn how to fish, and the park has hosted “Learn to Fish” activities and classes for the whole family.

Avon Town Hall Park

6570 E US Highway 36, Avon

This Park boasts a 9-acre fishing lake and three additional fishing areas. There is a small pond to the east of the lake, as well as the 3-acre Sycamore Lake, both of which are great places to teach kids how to fish. The Avon Town Hall Park is a catch and release only and requires a state license.


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