Kids bowl free in the Indianapolis Area all summer long!

Kids Bowl Free All Summer and Spring

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Looking for spring and summer fun that is cheap (or FREE)? Looking for an indoor activity so you can escape the heat and enjoy the air conditioning?

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Each day, students can bowl two free games. EVERY day! All summer! How awesome is that? Times may vary but most locations offer open bowling from 9am or 10am until midnight! I’m thinking after work family night ideas! Please go to the website and register your family and each child and your coupons will be emailed to you each Sunday. PLEASE use INFO@INDYWITHKIDS.COM as your referrer’s email address. THANK YOU!

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Nine Indianapolis area bowling alleys are offering free bowling for kids through the spring and summer (and some are offering bowling through fall). Some participating bowling alleys have increased the age restriction to 18 and under. See details below or on the Kids Bowl Free website. All locations require that participants rent bowling shoes (generally around $2.50) or bring their own.

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Money $aving Tip: Stop by Play it Again Sports and Goodwill to find some inexpensive bowling shoes.This will make each visit free! If you plan on bowling more than 10 times, buying a new pair of shoes can even save you some money. I like these ones.

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Parents, grandparents and caretakers: interested in bowling WITH your kids? There is a great deal on purchasing a family pass so that you can bowl all summer too! Please keep in mind that a shoe rental fee generally applies. See you on the lanes!

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Southside Bowling Alleys

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Expo Bowl
14 and under, May 7 – August 26
5261 Elmwood Drive
Indianapolis, IN, 46203
(317) 787-3448

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Hi-Way Lanes Franklin
18 and under, March 27 – October 31
400 N. Morton
Franklin, IN, 46131
(317) 736-5177

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Beech Grove Bowl
15 and under, May 1 – August 31
95 N 2nd Ave
Beech Grove, IN 46107
(317) 784-3743

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North Side Bowling Alleys

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Pinheads Entertainment Center, Fishers” _builder_version=”3.0.105″ background_layout=”light”]

Pinheads Entertainment Center
15 and under, May 1 – August 29
13825 Britton Park Rd.
Fishers, IN
(317) 773-9988

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Woodland Bowl
14 and under, May 7 – August 26
3421 E 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46240
(317) 844-4099

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West Side Bowling Alleys

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Western Bowl
14 and under, May 7 – August 26
6441 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN, 46241
(317) 247-4426

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Sunshine Bowling Center
10809 E. US Hwy 136
Indianapolis, IN, 46234
(317) 280-7670

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3G Bowl
1250 S. Jackson St.
Greencastle, IN 46135
(765) 301-9060

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