What dreams did you have as a kid? How are they manifesting as an adult?

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Does anyone else remember David Silver from 90210? I’m not talking about the NEW 90210, I’m talking about Brian Austin Green’s character in the ORIGINAL 90210, the one from MY childhood. He was always walking around with a video camera, chronicling his high school experience.

video cameraYeah, that was me. Of course that’s not a big deal now because EVERYONE has very easy access to making videos right on their cell phones. Not me, I had to carry around our family VHS-C video camera. I started taking television and video production at another local high school that actually operate a real live (public access) television station. I LOVED that class! I loved the creation of videos, the writing, the storyboards, the editing….especially the editing.

My senior year I upgraded to a Sony Digital 8 video camera and bought a computer to edit my videos. I took that thing everywhere and I loved making videos. I wasn’t ever really talented at it but it was fun.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be famous, preferably by way of becoming a movie star. I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t act, I wasn’t spectacular looking and so there weren’t many options for me to take that path of fame. I’m pretty sure that this is why I turned to

tv screen shot 3

the camera and the behind the camera work.

In college I tired quickly of all of the history of television, the history of radio and theories of this and that. So, I quit.

For the past six months, I have been given the opportunity to have a moment of air time on ABC RTV6 every.single.week! Occasionally, the B roll shown during my

tv screen shot

segments is shot by me! I’m so thankful to the morning show producer and Anne Kelly, the reporter who meets up with me weekly. Anne has really trained me and worked with me to improve my on camera presence and I’m so grateful for her expertise and coaching. Thank you to Patrick who has continued to allow me to be a part of Good Morning Indiana on Fridays and has allowed me to grow as a local “expert”. Both Patrick and Anne have been amazing!

I’ve had several other opportunities to appear on a few other local networks because of some friends and a few companies who have asked me to share their products. I am thankful to all of these people for believing in me and super thankful to my friends and family who have filled in the gaps with childcare and other projects.tv screen shot 2

What dreams did you have as a kid? How are they manifesting as an adult? Fame may not really be in my future but I’m having so much fun being on camera and creating videos that other people actually watch. I think some of you are watching…right?

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