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The Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace in downtown Indianapolis will catch your eye from the street when traveling on St. Clair Street. From the street, it looks like a rollercoaster meets a waterpark. Walking towards the playground near the canal, it’s hard to tell if this is a piece of art or a play space. That’s because the play equipment on the north end of the Indy Canal is both! As one of the only playgrounds in downtown Indianapolis, everyone loves this downtown amenity.

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Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace

Opened in the fall of 2018, the Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace was built as part of the Colt’s Legacy Project initiative. Through this program, the Indianapolis Colts have brought a variety of enriching playgrounds and educational facilities to their home city. The Playspace in particular fulfilled a need for a safe, inclusive downtown playground that all ages could enjoy together.

Two children, one wearing pink sunglasses, play on a plastic swing while surrounded by bright blue climbing equipment at the Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace.

With non-traditional swings that suit most ages, a super tall slide that is only accessible to those who can climb high into the ropes, and a smaller slide to boot, the soft surfaced park is suitable for toddlers and older children. It certainly favors older school-aged children, but my 2, 4, 6, and 8-year-olds all had fun the entire time we were there. In the end, it was perhaps my two-year-old who wailed the loudest when it was time to leave.

A Variety of Features to Explore

The Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace can best be described as a climbing park. Kids will climb rope structures, follow metal footings, and play on the rock wall. Bumpy hills embedded in the rubber turf are fun for the littlest ones and the sweeping surfaces are comfortable and easy to navigate.

The Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace includes features for kids of all ages, including a tall metal slide, imaginative climbing equipment, and color-coded talking tubes.

Another feature smaller children and toddlers can conquer is a small hillside slide with a rock-climbing feature built into the slope. Kids of all ages will love the saucer-shaped swings as well.

The entire playground is covered in cushioned rubber turf, which we love for being relatively clean and mud-free. However, if your kids are looking for open green space to run off some energy, you’ll find that here too. Lawn areas border the playspace, so feel free to kick off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes.

Beautiful Fixture on the Canal Walk

The blue colors used in the design of the Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace are certainly significant considering the sports team responsible for the project. However, we also love how the color and flowing shape of the climbing equipment evokes the waters of the canal nearby. This thoughtfully designed environment is not only a blast for young visitors, but it also fits beautifully into the larger setting surrounding it.

Two children swing back-to-back on a circular swing on a beautiful sunny day at the Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace.

The canal is just a few yards from the play space and provides plenty of added entertainment. Sometimes the ducks swim over, begging to be fed. You can also keep an eye out for paddle boats or whimsical swan boats. The Cultural Trail is also nearby and provides even more opportunities to see beautiful art.

Make a Day of Your Visit

Once the kids have climbed, swung, and slid to their hearts’ content at the Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace, don’t let the fun stop there! The canal walk is lined with sites worth seeing and activities to try. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Visit one of the fascinating museums located on the canal. The Indiana Historical Society, Eiteljorg Museum, and the Indiana State Museum are all within walking distance of the Colts Canal Playspace. You can technically reach the Indianapolis Zoo on foot as well if you don’t mind a half-hour hike.
  • Paddle boats, swan boats, and kayaks are available for rent at Wheel Fun Rentals, about a 20-minute stroll south of the playground. If you’re looking for bikes and four-person surreys to rent, visit the Wheel Fun location in White River State Park.
  • Go on a hunt for free public art pieces. Many of the bridges crossing the canal are painted with murals underneath, adding to the already lovely surroundings.

Kids try the small slide at the Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace.

Bathrooms at the Colts Canal Park

Public restrooms are a short walk north on the canal at 335 W 9th Street, Indianapolis. There are signs that will direct you to the bathrooms.

Indianapolis Colts Canal Playspace Parking

The best and easiest parking is found on the street above the canal area. There are so many things to do at the canal in downtown Indy. This beautiful park is a great addition to the fun for families who live or are visiting the downtown area.

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