Murphy Park Avon is Fun for All Ages and Abilities

Written by Erin Dague

Murphy Park, a new treehouse-inspired playground in Avon, needs to be on your list of places to check out with the kids! This inclusive park features a double zip line, a climbing gym, and a fully wheelchair-accessible play structure. You are in for a treat and a ton of fun at Murphy Park Avon.

Inclusive Playground Designed For Growth and Learning

This park is directly across the street from the Avon Waterpark, Murphy Aquatic Park, and the two destinations share the same parking lot. When you arrive, the waterpark entrance will be to your right, and you will find the Murphy Park Avon playground to your left. This first-of-its-kind, fully inclusive playground was designed with intention and purpose. The elements on this playground were specifically chosen to help children build sensory, motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills and physical strength.

With these skills, comes a lot of really awesome equipment. When you arrive, you’ll notice two large zip lines. There is a chair zipline capable of holding both children and adults which offers a seatbelt and harness for those that need additional support. Immediately next to the chair version, there is a second amenity with platforms to enter and exit a traditional seated zipline with a saucer seat and rope for support.

Ride the Zipline and Merry-Go-Round

Beyond the zipline is a fully accessible merry-go-round, with an entrance flush with the rubberized turf, in addition to a railing and a seat for maximum physical support. Guests can easily roll a wheelchair directly onto this merry-go-round! You will also find a large saucer swing, made up of supportive rope material. Fly in the sky while you enjoy this great feature at Murphy Park.

The main playground was intentionally designed to create a space for all children to play together and enjoy the amenities, regardless of their physical abilities. In the center of the playground is a large climbing structure designed to look like the middle of a tree. Climb the “branches” and challenge your strength and coordination skills with this great climbing feature. You can also access multiple entrances to the main ramp that will lead you to several slides and interactive activities on the playground.

Wheelchair-Accessible Play Structure at Murphy Park Avon

Those who need to bring their wheelchair up onto the play structure can do so easily via a ramp located towards the back. If you follow the sidewalk around toward the back, it will lead you to a great ramp. This gives you access to all of the features on the top section of the playground.

Over on this side of the space is a little hill with a rock wall play feature, as well as a smaller, preschool-sized slide. If you have a smaller child or one that does better with less stimulation, this is a great option at the park for you to stop and enjoy! The entire hill is covered in rubberized turf to protect the little ones from hard spills on concrete.

Underneath the main play structure are several nature-inspired learning features. This is also another smaller and secluded section of the playground, that might be less stimulating for children that would benefit from some quiet and additional personal space.

The park integrates several slides throughout, including a double racer slide, smaller slides, and one larger slide located at the top of the playground. Your kids will love the tic-tac-toe game located at the top of the playground as well!

Other Amenities at Murphy Park Avon

Water fountains are available for use right next to the zipline, as well as parent seating. The park’s design makes it easy to locate multiple children, with very few “blind spots” or visual obstructions. Please note that no bathroom facilities are available at this playground. Murphy Aquatic Park across the street has bathrooms but is only open seasonally, so plan ahead for bathroom needs!

From the zipline to the slides, to the merry-go-round, there was intentional effort and thought put into each section of this playground to ensure that all children, regardless of their physical abilities, would be able to play together. Murphy Park Avon is truly an original, all-inclusive playground, and a welcome addition to the Greater Indianapolis area!

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Visit Murphy Park Avon is Fun for All Ages and Abilities

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