Mr. Muffin’s Trains

About 20 minutes north of downtown Noblesville is the town of Atlanta, Indiana. If you have a train enthusiast in the family, make plans to visit on a Saturday soon!

Mr. Muffin’s Train Layout in Atlanta, Indiana

Mr. Muffin’s Train layout has been a long-time favorite of Indianapolis area families, but in recent years, Mr. Muffin moved his expansive and detailed train layout to the far north community of Atlanta, Indiana. Mr. Muffin’s Trains is still a part of Hamilton County and with the help of a few others, Mr. Muffin’s Trains has made Atlanta a destination for kids, families, and adults who love trains!

Please Note: Mr. Muffin’s Trains Layout will be closed August 20 and 27, 2022.

Every Saturday, Mr. Muffin’s Train Shop and Layout are open for the public to come watch the electric and diesel trains run on tracks throughout a beautiful, hand made, hand painted, picturesque scene that takes up a large portion of the huge storefront.

The trains wind and circle around small cities, carnival scenes with working amusement park rides, farms and other miniature realities. Owners Steve and Liz Nelson allow families to come and see, and sometimes help operate and run their collection of steam engines, diesel engines and electric trains. You might spend an hour just looking at all of the beautiful bridges and water scenery.

Trains in Atlanta, Indiana

After checking out Mr. Muffin’s own train layout, head to Mr. Muffin’s Train Shop where you can find everything you need to build your own! Just down the street, stop in and purchase your very first train set, LEGO train kits, train themed clothing and trinkets, and more.  Also down the street is the Choo Choo Cafe, serving up delicious food that’s better than home made – try the hash brown casserole! The Nickel Plate Express, which begins in Noblesville, comes to the end of the line in Atlanta. We’ve tried the holiday themed experiences, the Reindeer Ride and the Pumpkin Express, which are great for families. You’ll have to catch the train in Noblesville, but if you get the timing right, you might get to watch it pull into the station while you’re in town!

Mr. Muffin’s Trains Hours

You are invited to visit Mr. Muffins Train layout Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Please call ahead or check Mr. Muffin’s Facebook page to be sure schedules have not changed or are different for vacation. Admission is free!

Here’s all of the Indianapolis train themed fun!

Find all of the Indiana train rides on our website.

165 E Main Street

Visit Mr. Muffin’s Trains

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