Sullivan Santa Express Holiday Train Ride

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We are thrilled to once again share this sponsored content with our readers. As a mom of a large family, the price point beats so many other holiday opportunities out there and I appreciate it! This is one of our favorite experiences for the season!

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Holiday train rides have become a huge hit with Indianapolis families. With so many Indy area Christmas train rides and Polar Express type of opportunities, you can find the perfect ride for your family. We’ve become big fans of the Sullivan Santa Train Ride because of the quality of the time we get to spend with Santa and the affordability for a large family. Tickets go on sale on November 1st at 4pm, so don’t miss out!

Sullivan Express Santa Train Ride

The Sullivan Santa Express is a small train, a little larger than what you’d see at the Mall and every ticket is a ticket for a whole train car. We generally fit 3 adults and 4 kids just fine for the ride. This train takes you and your family on a memorable trip to see Santa at the North Pole. You’ll pass up elaborately decorated and themed holiday displays with some fun characters. The train ride is narrated and my kids love looking out the windows to see all of the things along the way.

 Every family has a non-rushed, semi-private time with Santa
 Enjoy beautiful displays and vignettes on your journey
 Kids will love the activity centers and exploring the holiday decor


What to Expect at the Sullivan Santa Express Train Ride

Your magical journey begins at Central Station, located in the Sullivan’s greenhouse at the 71st & N. Keystone location, where your family will check in. There is a play area for the kids while you wait for your reserved departure time. When the Sullivan Express Train arrives, your family will be seated together in one train car. You and your family will travel along your holiday adventure to the North Pole where Santa awaits your visit. The ride is open-air so dress for the weather!

The Sullivan’s Santa “experience” is sure to become your family tradition just like it is ours. The narrated train ride travels through bear country where you’ll encounter some friendly bears doing some rather unusual things. Then you’ll come across the Candy Cane Factory scene, just added last year. As the Sullivan Express leaves the woods, you’ll enjoy the smell of fresh greens as the North Pole-bound train moves through the Sullivan Christmas tree lot. As the train gets closer to the North Pole, there is a small problem that leads the train on a new course and some unexpected surprises… that you’ll have to see for yourself!

Santa at Sullivan Hardware

Upon your arrival at the North Pole, the kids can play in Santa’s workshop as your family takes turns with 2-3 other families visiting with Kris Kringle himself. Afterward, you will catch the next train back to Central Station.

My kids love playing with the train tables and coloring photos, but our very favorite time is when we see Santa and share our wishes. We’ve never felt rushed or hurried during our time with Santa, and this is PERFECT for any kiddos that have some anxiety about meeting with him.

You’ll take your own photos on your own cameras or ask one of the elves to help you out. No photo purchases available or required.

Sullivan Santa Train Tickets

Make your reservation for the Sullivan Santa Express at Seating is limited. The cost is a reasonable $50 to $60 per family. That’s right —the cost for the whole family, including parents, kids and grandparents.

o A purchase quantity of 1 includes your entire family… parents, kids and grandparents. Don’t purchase by the number of people in your
family…that will cost a lot more!!
o You be the photographer. You take all photos you want with your camera or phone.
o Once you leave the station your total time including travel time is approximately 25 minutes.

There are Open Rides when Santa is not at the North Pole. The cost is $5 per person (maximum $20 per family). No reservations are needed. First come, first to board. Pay at Central Station when you arrive. See the Open Rides
times in the Sullivan Express Calendar at

Adult Times for Santa Express at Sullivans

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the Sullivan Express! New opportunities this year for the 21+ crowd!

Late Train

Join us for appetizers in Central Station, then take train to North Pole where you can visit with Santa, enjoy wine tasting and desserts.
Running Dec 12 & 13, 19& 20 from 9-10PM

Sullivan Lunch Express

Join us in Sully’s Grill for lunch and then take a ride on the train.
Dec 4 & 5th, 11& 12th  noon-2pm

North Pole Comedy Club

Grab a bucket of beer or a bottle of wine at Central Station and hop aboard the Sullivan Express to Santa’s North Pole Comedy Club. All performing comedians are vetted against the naughty list . . . so you can be assured of good clean fun . . . without the kids.


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