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Lightsabers might be fictional weapons straight out of Star Wars but Indy Lightsaber Academy has put reality into combat with the popular laser sword. I’m not going to pretend to know much about Star Wars but I do know that on any given day, give a child a toy sword or a stick and they’ll make the unmistakable “hum” sound as they swing their weapon left and right or (wait for it….I have new vocab) open diagonal.lightsaber indianapolis star wars classes academy

The instructors at Indy Lightsaber Academy made their big debut at Comic Con in Indianapolis in 2015 and their classes have been hot ever since. Their choreographed routines and duels are learned through practical, hands on instruction during weekly classes. Each class is $20 and only $5 the first time, but you can purchase a class pack when they are available. It’s a challenge, it’s a workout, it’s awesome!

If you own a lightsaber, you are encouraged to bring it, but no worries if you find yourself without one of light saber combat course lightsaber city kids indianapolis things to dothese prized possessions, practice weapons are available to borrow.

Wear whatever you want but be comfortable, this is combat friends! 🙂 It’s a work out partnered with play and imagination.

This activity is best suited for children age 12 and up. If you have a younger lightsaber superstar or fan in your family, call the academy and ask if there’s a time you can bring a younger child with you. As more interest is express, more classes for various ages will be created.lightsaber academy light indy saber indianapolis classes

Classes take place at the YMCA. Contact Indy Lightsaber for more info.

430 South Alabama

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