I’m so excited for Christmas! My excitement doesn’t come from the presents (those are nice too) — I love all of the magic! People just seem nicer and happier. There are fun and exciting things to do, traditions to keep going, things to look forward to!

One of our family traditions is free and so much fun to do! On Wednesday, November 13th, the US Postal Service will install the Santa Letter Mailbox on the Circle in Downtown Indianapolis!santaletter1

Good Boys and Girls are invited to write a letter to Santa, put it in an envelope with their return address (including a self addressed stamped envelop is requested but not mandatory) and drop it into the beautifully decorated mailbox. All letters must be deposited by December 12th (the mailbox will be removed on the 13th). Santa and his elves will write a letter back to each child!

The mailbox will be on the east side of the Circle, facing Market street. Last year, Lulu was one of the over 5,000 kids who sent indy with kids holiday traditionsletters to Santa by way of the mailbox on the Circle! Bring your camera!