Local Mom & Business Woman Megan Bearry On Work-Life & Family

This series is presented by 76 Forward, the new co-working space at 16Tech, near downtown Indianapolis. We’ll interview parents who work from shared workspaces, co-working environments, or private offices within HQO at 76 Forward and discover how they find that work-life balance through 76 Forward.

Megan Bearry is the Finance and Operations Partner at Next Studios. Next Studios works with early-stage entrepreneurs to get their ideas established. Under the leadership of Next Studios, the entrepreneur’s ideas become products, and the products become companies. Currently, Next Studios is raising capital for an Impact Fund to help underserved communities fund their ideas. Learn about this Impact Fund in our video interview with Megan.

Megan grew up just west of Indianapolis, in Plainfield, Indiana. She attended Indiana University, where she met her husband. After graduating from IU, she lived in Chicago for ten years. When she had her daughter in 2013, she and her husband decided it was time to move home to Central Indiana. They reside in Avon with their daughter, now 8 years old, and a son who is almost 5 years old. During her free time, Megan enjoys camping and hiking with her family. They love boating and visiting wildlife preserves, and just being outside.

Finding a Work-Life Balance

Though Megan thoroughly enjoys time with her family, “stressful” is Megan’s description of what it’s like working from home. Prior to joining 76 Forward, Megan was trying to work, while also balance virtual school for her daughter and keep her son busy. During this time, she wasn’t getting as much work done as she needed to. The 76 Forward workspace has granted her more time and flexibility in her life. She has a 20-minute commute traveling to 76 Forward, centrally located near downtown Indianapolis, a huge difference from when she used to have to travel an hour to the northside to use a co-working space.

Next Studios and 76 Foward’s flexibility allow Megan to make a schedule that works for her and her family.

“I have the flexibility to do what I need to do to get the kids where they need to go.” says Megan. She can take her kids to school and appointments and after-school activities as needed. Then, if necessary, she works late at night to make up for the missed work time.

Office Space That Works

Megan describes 76 Forward as an “up-and-coming area.” She loves to talk about the area because it is not well-known yet. It’s not immediately in the crowded downtown area, but close enough to get there quickly if you choose. She also loves the space—The Next Studios space is located in one of the popular “garage” offices. The garage space even opens up, like a garage door, and companies can easily mingle with one another.

There are also several restaurants in the AMP, or Artisanal Marketplace, right next door to 76 Forward. Megan enjoys grabbing something to eat and then walking back to her office—mere steps away.

76 Forward provides Megan and other parents with a space to separate work life from home life. The flexibility it offers along with the central location make 76 Forward a desirable space for working parents. Look for more about 76 Forward and the parents and children who benefit from this co-working space in our next story in the series—coming soon!

Schedule your own tour of 76 Forward in Indianapolis. More information is available on the 76 Forward website.

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