Indianapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The super popular Indianapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place on Friday, March 13, 2020, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in downtown Indy.

My kids love the parade for the floats, the bands, the Irish dancers and some of their favorite mascots. And the candy. There seems to be so much candy and plenty to go around.

We gather along the route and meet up with friends so we can sit on the curb and watch the police motorcycles drive by doing tricks, ladies with an umbrella routine march through and lots of local schools and bands.

Bring a blanket to sit on along the curb, or even chairs if you want and get ready for an hour to an hour and half of fun entertainment.

For the official kick off of St. Patrick’s Day in Indy, take your kids to the Greening of the Canal.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route

The Indianapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade route begins at the Parade Block Party on the corner of Pennsylvania Street and North Street and continues to Ohio Street. The route follows Ohio street for one block before turning on Meridian Street where it ends at Vermont Street.

St. Patricks Day Parade Date

Generally the parade takes place on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) but when it falls on a weekend, we’ve seen it scheduled for Friday. Parade organizers tell us that this is the best day to get the most local businesses, organizations, schools, bands and students included in the parade. Without them, there is no parade! As a parent of school aged kids, it is a bit disappointing, but it’s understandable. You’ll have to decide if missing school is an option for your child.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Parking

Park wherever you can (legally). Really, there will be so many buses with parade groups, lots of spectators and the regular downtown week day traffic and parking situation. Expect to walk to get to the parade and expect to pay event parking prices.