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Picking your own strawberries in Indianapolis at the u-pick strawberry patch is a summer tradition and Spencer Farm is a great setting for this delicious outing. Not only has this hot spot become a must visit for families during the summer months, but Spencer Farm is a popular place for families to get Christmas trees near Indianapolis, as well as fall favorites like pumpkins and mums. Strawberry season usually begins late in May and lasts through June, so you can kick summer off with a trip to pick a box of sweet, delicious berries!

Spencer Farm still has u-pick strawberries available as of June 28, 2022! Call the farm directly to verify that they are still picking the day you plan to go.

Spencer Farm U-Pick Berries

One of my first summers in Indy, I spent an early evening grazing the fields, popping a berry in my mouth here and there and placing many aside in a cute green cardboard carton. Indy area strawberry farms open their gates and allow visitors to purchase pre-picked berries or head out to the fields and take part in a popular pastime. These days, I bring my children along and let them help me gather what we need to enjoy sweet berries atop our shortcake once we get home.

Spencer Farm is about 25 minutes north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County (7177 East 161st Street, Noblesville) but I would drive further for the fun experience that we had. The farm has rows and rows of berry plants and clearly marks which aisles have been “picked out” so you know exactly where to look to find a bounty of berries. Keep in mind that strawberries grow low to the ground, so you will have to kneel or squat to collect the fruit.

The staff at Spencer Farm is very friendly and helpful; the facilities were clean and well kept. It takes us about 45 minutes to an hour to each pick 2 pounds of berries.

I recommend bringing a small bottle of drinking water for each of your family members and sunscreen. Sometimes we even need insect repellent, but generally only when we’re picking raspberries at Spencer Farm.

Grapes, Pumpkins, and More!

Spencer Farm has other crops like u-pick sunflowers, pumpkins, grapes, and mums. There is almost always something in season. Call or check online to see what is currently available to harvest.

On your way out, stop by the farm store! Here you’ll find even more local produce, meats, cheeses, and gift items for sale. Often, you can buy pre-picked packages of any fruit in season and available for u-pick at the farm. Ice cream and other treats are also sold here.


Monday – Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm

Spencer Farm Winery

Spencer Farm Winery is open to the public for wine tasting and purchases. Children are welcome. Check out their events calendar for fun activities like Sip ‘n’ Shine Yoga and live music.

See our list of all of the places to pick strawberries in Indy and surrounding areas.

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