Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2019 | Fort Wayne Indiana

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The very first time I visited the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I was giddy. I had heard all of the stories of (mostly) women taking over the city by the mini van full, booking a weekend in the hotels, creating special “team” or group shirts for the occasion, spending entire paychecks and having a really good time.

The Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Every year, Indiana grown purse company, Vera Bradley compiles all of their extra inventory and specialty items and sets them out on rows and rows of tables at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne (think HUGE convention center) and opens the doors to the public for scheduled shopping times. These items are priced to sell at 40-60% off retail (and sometimes better), and sell they do! Mark your calendar, the annual Outlet Sale takes place April 10 – 14, 2019.

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Unique Gift Items at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

If you’ve ever been inside a Vera Bradley retail location, then you’ve seen the colorful, fun prints, the understated microfiber quilted bags, the floral umbrellas and gorgeous beach towels. However, until you’ve been to the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, you haven’t seen it all.

In the past, I’ve seen Vera Bradley surfboards, Vera Bradley flip flops and gardening gloves, an extensive selection of Vera Bradley sunglasses and jewelry and of course, the luxurious leather line.

Vera Bradley Discount Prices

It’s been said that you can find similar pricing or even beat the outlet sale pricing online during Vera Bradley sales and Vera Bradley clearances, but you just can’t beat the spirit and the camaraderie and the passion you’ll see and experience at the outlet sale. Is the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale worth it? My opinion is yes. If you love the brand, you love the products and you want to purchase them at a great price all at once, yes. If you have a best friend/mother/daughter/sister who is up for an adventure and wants to have a good time, yes. Picture 100,000 square feet of color and beauty.

I’ve found prices for small items to be as low as 25 cents sometimes! That’s how I ended up with 30 metal tins of delicious Vera Bradley breath mints. My friends are always looking for the best deal on a Vera Bradley backpack or Vera Bradley crossbody, so I’m on the hunt, text messaging photos back and forth between groups of friends, grabbing their requests all along the way.

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Tickets

Do you need a ticket for the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale? There are really two ways to shop, during a ticketed session during the week or all day on Saturday and Sunday. Wednesday through Friday, shopping sessions begin at 7:30 a.m. and go as late as 8:30 p.m.  These are the dates that you’ll see a lot of the die-hard fans.

General admission tickets for the sale are $5 each (plus online ticketing fees) and anyone who is age 14 and up needs their own tickets. While you won’t see a lot of children at the sale, there are some. I don’t recommend bringing your young children, the lines to check out can be overwhelming for kiddos.

Saturday and Sunday shoppers do not need a ticket for the outlet sale. Saturday shopping hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday shopping hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Vera Bradley Outlet Sale VIP Experience

VIP tickets are $50 per person and the proceeds benefit the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, which I wrote about a few years ago.

The Vera Bradley VIP tickets let you enter the sale through a VIP entrance so you’re one of the first people to shop. You’ll get to check-out in the VIP area AND have VIP parking lot access. VIPs also get a $25 off coupon for their $100 purchase, a reusable mesh shopping bag and a Vera Bradley lanyard.

Get a Sneak Peek of the Newest Pattern

Not only will you be the first to see the newest VB pattern that arrives in stores in May, you’ll be the first to have the opportunity to PURCHASE Tropical Evening pattern items! It’s an exclusive preview just for Vera Bradley Outlet Sale attendees.

Shopping Tips for the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

Be sure to register before you go. This will make your check out process a lot quicker. Wear comfortable shoes and don’t bring anything extra that you’ll have to carry around. If you can wear a small Vera Bradley backpack with your wallet, that would be advisable. You’ll be given a plastic bag to fill with items while you shop. If you can avoid it, don’t bring your children. Just trust me. And don’t bring your husband 🙂 Or just don’t tell mine what my shopping total was, just tell him how much money I saved!


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2 thoughts on “Vera Bradley Outlet Sale 2019 | Fort Wayne Indiana”

  1. I was blessed by a daughter who can read me like a book and loved vb. I had knee replacement just before the sale like the Tuesday before. She came home with perfect items 3 different her dad encouraged her shopping of course after 44 years he knows how much it means. The best thing for me was a messenger bag that fits in a vinyl coated backpack plus the cosmetic case which made a great ice pack. We live 3 blocks from the sale location. Next year my sister and her husband will be camping at the adjoining campground and attending the sale with us. The campground has water and electric laundromat, full bathroom facilities. You don’t need to pay for parking at the sale but the campground is a short walk. Tons of restaurants nearby plus coliseum concerts or hockey in the evening.

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