ZooBoo | Costumed Fun at the Zoo!

ZooBoo is a great way to celebrate the Halloween season without the creepy, crawly, scariness of a haunted house. The Indianapolis Zoo welcomes kiddos young and old to an experience like no other. This year’s event is full of familiar favorite activities, as well as some new surprises. 

Pumpkin Town is where you will find Jack’s Barn, house cats available for adoption or just a visit, miniature horses, and a mirror maze full of squeals and smiles. Don’t miss the thrilling dance parties or the costumed characters roaming around with maybe a trick or treat up their sleeve.

This year, the trick-or-treat trail has been moved to the Plains to give more space for guests to spread out and enjoy this activity. Bring your own bag to collect goodies from various sites. Some tables even have non-edible treats, if you prefer.

The various exhibits throughout the zoo provide even more Halloween fun. Head to the Forests for a spooky scarecrow safari. Play some games and walk the plank at the Gator Pirate Bayou. Concoct a potion with magical ingredients at the Cafe on the Commons. The zoo’s amusement rides are even all dressed up for the holiday. Ride the carousel BACKWARDS, see the zoo from the Spooktacular Train Ride, or experience thrills on the Roller Ghoster.

ZooBoo runs from 2 pm-7 pm, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday; and from 2 pm-9 pm Friday and Saturday.


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