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Ivanhoes is a local treasure you must visit if you love ice cream. Nestled in the quaint town of Upland, one hour north of Indianapolis, this locally owned restaurant has the biggest and best ice cream menu. Choose from literally 100 different flavor combinations, served in either shake or sundae form! Locals and students at nearby Taylor University often join the restaurant’s prestigious “100 Club” and make it their goal to have their names added to a plaque after sampling each variety. Those of us who live a little further away can go back time and again and never run out of yummy ice cream combinations!

Tenderloins, Burgers, and More

When my family and I arrived, we knew we wanted to order lunch before we dove into the ice cream options. Ivanhoes’ savory menu is full of comfort food classics. Together, we sampled the burgers, fries, chicken tenders, and of course, the quintessential Indiana breaded tenderloin. The prices are incredibly reasonable, and we were able to get lunch for our family of six for only $35. This small-town diner still uses handwritten ticket slips when you order, and employees announce your name on a microphone when your order is ready. Please note that they take card and cash, but do not accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay at this time.

No matter what you order, expect the food to be delicious! As an Indiana girl, born and raised, I have become something of a breaded tenderloin snob. This was one of the best tenderloins I have had to date. All of the food portions were generous, hot, fresh, and really tasty. You may want to order fries to share so that you aren’t too full for the “main course” – the ice cream!

The Ice Cream Menu is Massive

After we finished lunch, we got down to business reading over the monster ice cream menu. You can get ice cream by the scoop in a cone or bowl, but the amazing shakes and sundaes are really the thing to try here! Ivanhoes is also known for its strawberry shortcake, when in season. It is absolutely to die for. You won’t leave hungry when you visit!

The restaurant offers three different sizes of sundaes to choose from- the mini, regular, and super-size. My husband and I each got a regular, and we got a super-size for the three little ones to share. I just had to see how big it was! If this tells you anything, all three kids combined only got through about half of the super. Take my advice – order the mini or be prepared to share if you size up. The scoops are generous and the toppings are loaded on. My Cookie Monster sundae had so much hot fudge on top, I couldn’t initially even see the ice cream in my bowl. It was so good, but easily shared with a friend (or two)!

Share a Super-Size Sundae with the Whole Family

That super-sized sundae was a scrumptious blend of ice cream, peanut butter, pretzels, and hot fudge. My kids’ faces lit up when I put their order in front of them. Talk about dessert! This bowl was the size of a dinner plate, and loaded with ice cream and toppings. It was hilariously huge, but such a fun treat that they still talk about. If your kids love ice cream as much as mine do, this is the ultimate day trip for anytime of year.

Before you leave Ivanhoes, be sure to stop in the front and take a photo with Garfield! Garfield’s creator, Jim Davis, is from Fairmount, which is a short drive away from Upland. Ivanhoes is just one stop on Grant County’s Garfield Trail, which honors the comic’s origins with cute, themed photo ops with the cartoon cat. Ivanhoes’ version of Garfield wears an Upland shirt while enjoying some delicious ice cream.

More in the Area

If you’re looking for more to do in the area, drive ten minutes away to Hartford City. Memorial Park has a small, but fun playground, perfect for letting the kids run off that sugar rush before the drive back to Indy. There is a volleyball court, as well as plenty of grassy areas to play football, frisbee, or soccer. Parents can relax in a nice picnic shelter with a great view of the little ones playing.

A stop at Ivanhoes would also be a great way to end your day at the Splash House in nearby Marion!

No matter what type of ice cream you like, you’re sure to find a flavor you love when you visit Ivanhoes. Whether they prefer fruity flavors, chocolate, or a simple scoop on a cone, everyone in the family will leave happy for your drive back to Indy after visiting this Indiana treasure.

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