17 Birthday Party Ideas for Adults | COVID Social Distancing

We’re usually the go-to source for grownups when they’re looking for places to have a birthday party for their kids. By now, a lot of us have had COVID birthday parties for our children, we’ve driven our vehicles in birthday parades and serenaded loved ones via video, but what about when it comes to the adults who are having Coronavirus birthday parties? We’ve been planning out and participating in social distancing birthday parties for adults and they’re even more fun than those kid birthdays!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas During COVID Pandemic

We have no shortage of ideas when it comes to social distancing birthday parties for adults, but send us yours if we left a good one out.

Stock the Bar Birthday Parade

Birthday parades are all the rage right now and we think that it’s a shame if they’re only for children. Plan an epic Stock the Bar Birthday Parade. Invite friends and family to drive by the home of the birthday honoree and bring items to stock their bar. Hand it out the window and parade on! Don’t forget to wear party hats and decorate cars!

Also, you can plan a reverse parade and have the birthday guy or gal parade by their friend’s homes and they can be on the curb, handing your gifts through the window.

39 Bottles of Wine on the Porch

39, 29, 50, Whatever your age is, that’s the name of the game. I most recently saw my friend Laura as the recipient of this for her 45th birthday. Her friends dropped a tote off on her porch with a card that read:
45 bottles of wine on the porch,
45 bottles of wine.
We love you the most,
so let’s make a toast
with 45 bottles of wine on the porch.

One of Laura’s friends coordinated to have everyone who knows Laura to make a no-contact wine drop at some point throughout the day. “Guests” were to leave the wine in the tote and sign the card to let her know they were there. What a fun gift!

Learn Something

We’re loving all of the opportunities to learn something from your home. There’s no better time to engage with the pros from around the world that you might not normally have access to. Learn to make mozzarella cheese, bubble tea, cocktails and more in live, interactive classes. Some class prices include a supplies kit and others are set up for a group to learn. The options are endless!

Yard Letters Birthday Sign

We’ve seen a huge rise in popularity with the yard letter signs and we’re not complaining. They look crisp and fun and they make a wonderful photo opp! Our favorite business to work with is Gina with Sign Dreamers. We’ve used her for several family birthday greetings.

Carryout Picnic

Whatever your favorite meal may be, grab it to go. If it’s from a restaurant, easy enough, if it’s home cooked, pack it up. Relocated to your favorite outdoor space and enjoy your meal. I’d like to enjoy my birthday picnic on the stairs of Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. My husband would likely pick Crown Hill Cemetery or Holliday Park. A change of scenery is good!

Outdoor Movie Party

Grab a projector of your own or shout out to your social media friends to find one to borrow. Project your favorite movie on the side of your house, or garage and settle in to your lawn chair for an outdoor movie night. If you feel so inclined, invite some friends to sit six feet away to share your special day. We have some more great ideas for setting up an outdoor movie theater.

Virtual Karaoke Party

You’ll need to send everyone two links for this one. Set up a Zoom meeting or other video platform and then set up a room on Watch2gether. The host of the Watch2gether room is responsible for making the playlist. Everyone messages their song requests through chat on Zoom and mutes their microphones until it’s their turn to sing.

Dessert Delivery

The birthday guy or girl should never have to bake their own birthday cake, and maybe you don’t even like cake. Donuts, anyone? Send a friend or schedule a delivery of your favorite dessert through Grub Hub, Door Dash or any other delivery service.

Potluck Meal Drop Off

Plan a potluck meal drop off for your birthday friend. Arranged the perfect menu and assign elements of the meal to different people: wine, cocktails, table-setting, appetizer, salad, main course, sides, starch, dessert.

Video Tarot Card Readings

Try something new and have your tarot card reading done online. This fun activity is available virtually, not just on the side of the road or at parties.

Virtual Game Night

We spent the early part of quarantine playing Jackbox with our friends online and then moved on to virtual Cards Against Humanity. There are so many games that have moved online and allow friends to play with one another remotely. You’ll probably want to open up a Zoom room or Facebook room while you play so you can chat in real time. There are so many video chat ideas out there and we’re just learning all of the ways we can enhance our lives with these services.

Adopt a Pet

Share your birthday with a “gotcha day” for a new furry family member. Check with your local humane society for adoptable pets.

Go Camping

Check out local campsites or drive a bit further, set up a tent or camp in the back of your vehicle. You can also set up a tent in your backyard for a change of scenery…also to make sure you get on that work Zoom call by 8am.

Visit the Drive-In Theater

Drive-ins were designed for social distancing, they just didn’t know it! Visit your local drive-in for a night of movies, we recommend Tibbs Drive-in Movies.

Go Fishing

Have you ever wanted to give fishing a try? Grab a fishing pole, purchase a license, pick up your bait and get to it! You can even invite friends to fish six feet away!

Take a Hike

Sometimes we just need a little fresh air and space, a hike is perfect for that. Celebrate a new year with making memories and setting new goals as you explore the beauty of nature.

Video Greetings

Services like Tribute.co and Vidday make it easy for friends and family to create a video tribute or video card. Send out a link and friends and family can create a video clip to be added to a compilation for the birthday person.

How are you celebrating your quarantine birthday party? There are so many ways you can have fun and make the best of the situation while we stay safe and protect others in our community. Share your ideas in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “17 Birthday Party Ideas for Adults | COVID Social Distancing”

  1. Kathleen Barragan

    Great ideas we’re going to do a drive-by for my husband he has ALS and he had his birthday but he was quarantined in the hospital so now that he’s home we’re going to have em in the front door and have friends and family drive by I like your idea about dropping off a gift or food we like to give everyone a plate of food as they drive by and maybe exchange that for a gift for so your ideas are great thank you

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  3. Just celebrated a 50th birthday – last minute planning – had a fish and chip picnic on local green , friend brought desert and another cheese and biscuits, Local pub over green was open to serve take away drink and local fish and chip shop doing take aways .. was stress free. Ensure your friends bring some bubbly to celebrate. Ensure you have disposable plates bowels and cutlery with you. Had to limit numbers to 6 as per govt guidelines. Just get everyone to bring something. A bonus the sun was shining . Who said picnics were a thing of the past.

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  5. I heard an Birthday idea which is to solicit 1 favorite recipe from different people in lieu of a card, (electrically probably) and have them bound into a recipe book. I’m considering doing this for my 50th and going with a theme of high protein/low carb (with a sticky note on it before photographing) cause I have run out of recipes!

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