Baby Shower Ideas in a COVID-19 World | Social Distancing

In some communities, social distancing guidelines have become more lenient but many are still wary of exposure or want to be sure their at-risk family members can be a part of welcoming their new family member. A few months ago, birthday parades hit the children’s birthday party scene and we all scrambled to find ways to celebrate kid’s birthdays during a pandemic. Even adults are jumping in to the fun and having adult birthday celebrations with alterations to avoid the coronavirus. We’ve come up with some ideas so everyone can celebrate the mom-to-be and her newest family member. We’ve looked for ways to include those who may be more susceptible to the novel coronavirus and make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Socially Distant Ideas for Baby Showers

While planning your baby shower or a shower for your best friend, it’s important to change your vision of what a baby shower is “supposed” to be. It feels like the days of tea time with fancy tableware and lavish gifts for the glowing momma have become thing of the past (for the foreseeable future anyway), but just because the world is going through a pandemic doesn’t mean the little one and mom should not be showered with love (and gifts).

Host a Virtual Baby Shower

Even before COVID-19 folks held virtual baby showers. These digital parties let guests gather from all over the state and even different countries. Virtual baby showers are great way to let everyone share in the excitement of a new baby. Gather friends, family and coworkers and let the celebrations begin. Use online platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger Rooms to socialize, play games and have mom-to-be show off the baby’s nursery, cute outfits or even a virtual gender reveal. Play online quizzes and games like the “Price is Right”, “name that tune (lullaby edition)”   “celebrity baby name game”   with e-gift cards for the winners! offers tutorials on how to participate in online parties, no video equipment necessary.  So, even if your guest is computer illiterate she can still join in the fun via a land line.

Digital Party Planner

Many website offerings are popping up as the move to hosting parties online becomes more popular. You can use a site like to customize your shower, send invites, have a printable guest book, attach registry info and share pictures and stories. These services cost money to use and you will still use a Zoom like room to host the party but the organization is top shelf.

Drop and Dash Gifts

Shower mom and dad with gifts throughout the day. Drop off and dash away so there is no contact. Have the party planner schedule drops every hour or 30min. This will occupy mom’s time and create excitement for her. Who or what is coming next?? 

Best Dad Ever Shower

Don’t forget to include dad! Diapers, beer, restaurant gift cards… whatever will make dad’s life easier. He’s becoming a father to a brand new little one as well. Gather the guys and go golfing (socially distant of course), BBQ in the backyard and bring a box of diapers for the dad-to-be. Create a daddy-survival kit that includes ibuprofen, energy drinks and snacks. If mom has a good support system have dad take a hike – literally. Dad can go camping with his friends or family. Male bonding before a new baby is usually a welcome event.  Don’t forget dad in all the celebrating. He’s pretty important too.

Pamper Mom with a Gift Just for Her

Just like the Birthday-in-a-box we’ve seen throughout the pandemic you can order and have delivered a mom-to-be or new parents box. Local businesses like Happy Pak offer a whole array of pampering boxes just for mom, as well as a selection for dad too! Once Upon a Party offers customizable gift baskets for local delivery (Indianapolis). Or, put together your own collection and include soothing post birth items, yummy teas, a new water bottle to help mom stay hydrated; beauty supplies like dry shampoo…the possibilities are endless.  The new parents will appreciate the pampering!

Mail-in Baby Shower

Have guests write out advice cards and send it on over via snail mail or electronically. mail them to mom-to-be before party time and then however/whenever you celebrate she can guess who wrote what.

Virtual Shower Unboxing

Have guests gather via a video call with their unwrapped gifts. Each guest can take a turn showing the momma her gifts then have each guest wrap them and mail to mom-to-be. She’ll get to unwrap all of them and still be surprised not knowing what exactly is in each package. Plus, having an idea of what is headed her way will allow her time to purchase items still needed.

Drive-By Baby Shower or Drive-Thru Sprinkle

Drive by baby showers are probably the easiest option for local guests to partake in. Coordinate a time for a car parade to drive past the momma’s house. Hand off packages and well wishes. Set out individually wrapped chunks of cake or cupcakes in pre-packed boxes. There is no reason the new parents have to sit on lawn chairs either, go extravagant with a comfy couch and balloon banner or fresh floral bouquets.  Favorite wording we’ve seen on drive-thru baby shower invites: “Honk honk, Beep beep. You can put the presents at my feet!”

Holiday Themed Baby Shower

With enough prep time and organization you can have the shower guests each work on a different holiday. Doesn’t every baby need a “Babies first XYZ” bib? Shop the post holiday clearance racks and buy ahead. Cute socks, festive hair bows and onesies with holiday appropriate phrases will delight mom-to-be at a time when she probably isn’t hitting the stores too much.  Grab those “Kiss me I’m Irish” and “Some Bunny Loves Me” outfits after the holiday for the best deals. You can likely find anything online if it’s not in season. Wrap the gifts in coordinating festive paper or holiday gift bags.

Post Baby Baby Shower

Plan an after-baby-arrives shower. Keep bumping the date back if COVID-19 continues to make it to risky to meet. This is a fun way for everyone to meet the baby and momma to receive advice and gifts she may not necessarily need until the little one is past the newborn stage. I mean, what do you really need those first few months anyway? If you need the best places inIndianapolis for a baby shower, we can help with that!

Decor and More

Decorate momma’s house. Have a yard sign company like Sign Dreamers set up signage. You can adorn balloons and streamers to her mailbox, tree branches and lamp posts. Krazy Kitten Krafts has adorable and affordable balloon garland kits.

Baby Shower Picnic in the Park

With a smaller guest list it may be possible to host a socially distant picnic. Have guests bring their own food and chairs. The hostess can coordinate a shared dessert that’s individually packaged. Donuts or sugar cookies are recent favorites. Decorate the site with streamers and balloons, set up six feet apart and share in the joy of being in the new momma’s presence. Share parenting advice and stories of your own experiences. Guessing games can entertain guests without touching any shared items. 

Food Delivery Shower

Many times new parents have friends and family over to visit after baby is born. Due to current health concerns, that may not be a safe option. Instead, have their favorite foods delivered to their door. Coordinate with shower guests so everyone picks a different night of the week using a free service like Meal Train. Guests can order delivery to momma’s door, pick up take out or make something themselves for the new parents. This may be especially helpful if mom and dad don’t want a “traditional” baby shower anyway. They may not want gifts but everyone has to eat, right??

Live Gender Reveal

With all of the great technology available, you can now share your gender reveal with everyone you love. Make use of live platforms like Facebook and let your guests in on the moment you find out the gender of your little one. You can do this as simply as opening up an envelope with your ultrasound inside (maybe a fun, Hollywood “May I have the envelope please” vibe or go with the suspense building activities, like popping a balloon with a dart, a powder canon, an athletic feat, a piñata smash or a balloon drop.


We hope you’re able to find at least one idea among these. If you have other ideas, let us know and we’ll add them. Truth be told, the new mommy may not want a shower. She may feel like a part of her motherhood experience was ripped away by this pandemic. Let her know that it is absolutely okay to feel angry and sad about the current state of this world. Let her grieve. Let her be your guide and do not push anything she will be uncomfortable with.

Above all do what momma wants. It’s her baby and her decision to make. She should use her best judgement and be as involved in the planning as much as possible. 


14 thoughts on “Baby Shower Ideas in a COVID-19 World | Social Distancing”

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  4. Try an open house format. Take pictures of baby’s room enlarged & posted on a table where individually wrapped food is placed such as finger sandwiches, cookies, chips, nuts etc. & disposable plates & such. Allow people to schedule ranges of time to show up & drop off gifts chat with mom in a socially distant manner. More preparation but way less clean-up. If house is large enough, guests could do a staggered walk thru to drop gifts & see baby’s room.

    1. I divided my big group of invitees in three. I am hosting three events.
      Everyone will enter through the side of the house
      My big backyard is big enough to have three tables 6-7 feet apart from each other and each table will have a bubble of less than 10 as per protocol.
      I am placing disposable paper towel in the washroom and a sanitizer station at the entrance of the house.
      I am catering the food and having cupcakes wrapped up for each guest, instead of a cake.
      Everyone is feeling very confident with all the safety precautions, specially because they are maintaining their bubble and participating by practicing social distancing.
      I hope my idea is useful to others.
      God bless us all

      1. Helllo, Are you having the guests arrive in different times throughout the day? If so how are you organizing the groups or the different rsvp times. And how did you phrase your invitation. I am trying to do something similar for a bridal shower with staggering arrival times. Any advice helps. Thank you very much.

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    1. I would say something like this, “Due to COVID restrictions and the health and safety of baby and mom, we are asking guests to attend a maximum of 30 minutes during this time frame:”

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  7. I plan to have limited guest attend the baby shower then have the rest drive by… how do you word that in a invitation for those that will be driving by? theyll see that others AT the baby shower so i dont want those that have to drive by feel left out..

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