Babymoon Getaways Around Central Indiana

That positive pink line is staring right at you after that long awaited 3 minutes, and your overcome with all sorts of emotions and feelings. Welcome new Mama to motherhood and pregnancy! This is just the beginning of a new and incredible journey that you and your partner will embark on together.

Whether you’re expecting your first, second, or last baby, life will no doubt change once that little bundle of joy is here. Between the joy and nervousness of your new arrival, planning a gender reveal, baby shower, and an adorable nursery it’s important for new parents to relax before baby’s arrival and go on a Babymoon.

What is a Babymoon?

This is an ever-growing trend and has become popular over the years because let’s be honest once baby arrives there are few opportunities to enjoy getaways. A babymoon is like a honeymoon, in that it’s a way to celebrate the soon to be parents. During a babymoon couples enjoy quality time together before the birth of their new baby. This is a great way for soon to be new parents to enjoy one last vacation as a couple.

Babymoon’s can be done before each pregnancy if desired, with your significant other or on your own, there’s no “right” way to babymoon. It can be a week’s vacation getaway, a small weekend getaway, or a staycation at home.

Why Take a Babymoon?

The purpose of a babymoon is to get away from daily routine of work and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s good for new parents to recharge physically, emotionally, and mentally before baby arrives. Having a new little one can change family dynamics, once the baby is born it becomes the center of attention making it harder on couples to truly connect. A babymoon is a great time more than ever to connect with your partner and enjoy a romantic outing, a spa, or a little adventure.

A babymoon can also be done solo, whether you’re a first-time mother or a mother of multiple children, taking some time off distractions and everyday life tasks to focus on oneself is vital before baby’s arrival.

Where to Go within Central Indiana?

There are numerous places to go for a babymoon, from travelling abroad to staying local at home, there’s truly something for every new parent. Due to our current pandemic and the need to continue practicing safe travel and social distance, we’ve curated several options within central Indiana for a relaxing and romantic getaway.


The city of Indianapolis boasts impeccable historical sights and museums to tour, there are several top restaurants in the growing culinary scene that are sure to fit whatever you crave and the Indianapolis Canal Walk, you can stroll along the water, take a gondola ride, or enjoy dinner at a restaurant along the banks of the Canal, the canal is a romantic must-see spot.

Here are romantic places to stay in Indianapolis:

JW Marriott

Soaring 33 stories above downtown Indy, this beautiful hotel overlooks the city of Indianapolis. The JW Marriott has the perfect spot on property for drinks and dessert in the evening, an award-winning restaurant, and sports bar. This hotel is perfect for couples looking for a weekend city getaway.

Union Station

A Romanesque revival building that was Indiana’s first Union Station, it is now a beautiful hotel where you can stay in typical hotel rooms or an authentic 1920’s Pullman Train Car. The Station houses great history waiting to be explored by guests.

The Nestle Inn

Built in 1896, the Nestle Inn isn’t your typical Bed & Breakfast. It houses a charming and romanticism of the Victorian era all within downtown Indy. This is a great hotel to unwind and relax with your spouse. The hotel is also a great place for foodies who love diving in and learning new ways to cook. There are cooking classes with local Chef’s brought in to teach new culinary styles.

Ironworks Hotel

A boutique hotel, Ironworks is a combination of 19th century style, industrial and romantic charm. Each room is unique, providing a comforting stay for all guests. Nearby is the Fashion mall where you’ll find several options for some of Indy’s most popular restaurants and shopping.

Omni Severin Hotel

One of the oldest luxury hotels in downtown Indianapolis with romantic 19th century style, this hotel is something to marvel over with its beautiful décor. Just steps away from all of what downtown has to offer, its great location provides couples with lots of great restaurant options.

Surrounding Central Indiana


Less than an hour away from Indianapolis, is the City of Columbus. Known for its modern architecture the city houses amazing works of architecture that can be toured any time of the year. Stay at The Inn at Irwin Gardens, a beautiful ornate 1910 mansion with two-acre garden and a maze based on the Casa degli Innamorati in Pompeii. Indulgence in great historical eats at a 1900 Ice cream parlor called Zaharakos. A great city for a weekend babymoon getaway.


If you’re looking for a place with great nature scenery and known for one of the most beautiful fall foliage is the city of Nashville. Home to Brown county state park, this town offers great outdoor cabins within the park for a natural relaxing getaway. The heart of Nashville also offers great shops, restaurants, hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. A great destination for a weekend or week getaway.


A town defined by its college feel, Bloomington has more to offer than the Bustle of all things IU. Bloomington is home to the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center which is the oldest and largest in the Nation. The center features several shrines, and sculptures rich in Mongolian and Tibet culture all of which can be toured. Enjoy a scenic cabin stay on Monroe Lake or walk-through IU campus to take in the beautiful architecture.


An Indiana town rich in history, in Madison you can enjoy the beauty of the Lanier Mansion and the Jeremiah Sullivan House both built in 1822. Enjoy a scenic walk and picnic along the trails of Clifty Falls State Park. Tour a unique museum such as the Schroeder Saddletree Factory Museum where saddles used to be made and sold to merchants.

French Lick

Famous for its mineral springs and a classic American destination. French lick resort & casino is a getaway destination, the resort houses two rejuvenating spas, three golf courses and a casino. West Baden Springs Hotel welcomes visitors with a large beautiful domed ceiling and amazing architecture, you could experience a romantic weekend without ever leaving the hotel. One of the most romantic opportunities in this town is the French Lick Scenic Railway. The Railway offers a short-day trip, dinner train ride or tasting train ride, it’s a unique experience to have before the arrival of baby.


This town is one of the oldest towns in Indiana and known as “The Village of Spires”. Oldenburg is a city in Germany, thus this city in Indiana state drew many German immigrants, creating a town that greets guests with European (German) influenced architecture and you’ll find many street names and shops with English and German writing. This town is a great getaway for couples seeking a simpler weekend getaway.

Clayshire Castle

Just as its name suggests, this medieval castle style Bed & Breakfast in the countryside is a replica of medieval times. Guests are treated like royalty with luxurious accommodations. You can enjoy the beauty of the gardens, explore the hedge maze, soak in the cedar hot tub, try over 100 medieval costumes or simply enjoy relaxing in the thematic room. This Bed & Breakfast will add a little adventure to any babymoon.

Fort Wayne

The second-largest city in Indiana offers excitement and opportunity for a babymoon. The city of Fort Wayne has a dozen murals throughout the city making it a great photo worthy destination, stroll through Freimann Botanical Conservatory, and grab dinner at one of the many farm-to-fork restaurants.

The Mary Rose Herb Farm

This retreat offers luxury camping in yurts surrounded by the green hills and forests of the Hoosier National Forest. The Mary Rose Herb farm is perfect for couples who genuinely want to unwind and get away from it all and enjoy what nature offers.

Belterra Casino Resort

Casino’s may be one of the last places you’ll be visiting for a while once baby arrives. Belterra Casino and resort is more than just a casino, it boasts incredible food, unique shopping, relaxing spa, world-class golf, entertainment and more than 700 games to choose from. With a baby coming soon, gambling may not be the best scene for new parent’s but the amenities that Belterra offers are sure to attract any soon to be parents.

A babymoon is an excellent time for expecting parents to reconnect and relax before a new baby arrives. Whether you’re able to get away for a day or a week, take this as a relaxing and rejuvenating opportunity.

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