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I met Soniya online in a Facebook community when I was looking for a special way to celebrate a COVID birthday for one of my children. The thing is, we were celebrating our THIRD children’s birthday in quarantine, so we have already done all of the cool things there were to do. I really wanted to give each child a little bit of a unique element to their celebration.

When I saw the gorgeous balloon banners that Soniya creates and sells through her Etsy shop, I knew I had stumbled upon a birthday treasure that my middle child would adore! If you’re celebrating a birthday party or hosting another fun celebration, you’ve got to check this out!

Valentine’s Day Balloon Banners

The Krazy Kitten Krafts Etsy shop carries balloon banners for all occasions and Valentine’s Day is no exception. The “Be Mine” Balloon banner is so adorable and really made our Valentine’s Day breakfast sooo “extra.” You can even order a coordinating Valentine’s day t-shirt from the same shop! Choose from a 10 foot and 15 foot length. Contact Soniya for local pickup.

Birthday Balloon Banners

In Soniya’s online store, Krazy Kitten Krafts, I found not one, but MANY creations that would be perfect decor for ANY occasion. She sells DIY kits with everything you need to create 10 foot – 15 foot themed balloon banners. I actually didn’t know they were called balloon banners, so I’ve called them balloon bouquets or balloon arches.

Every kit comes with everything you need to create the balloon installment; hardware to hang the balloons and the latex balloons themselves. She also has other accessories and coordinating decor available for sale.

Balloon Installments for Special Occasions

If you need a beautiful decor focal point that EVERYONE will be talking about and that the guest of honor will adore, you have to check out Krazy Kitten Krafts. You’ll find balloon arches or banners for gender reveal parties, graduation parties, wedding showers, baby showers, themed birthdays, anniversary parties and any other occasion you can dream up. You can also contact Soniya to ask for custom kits.

These beautiful works of art aren’t just for kids, I’d like to see one during my next birthday, which will certainly be during this time of social distancing birthday parties.

Custom Balloon Arrangement Kits

My daughter loves unicorns and so I asked Soniya to put something special together for her. Soniya incorporated large balloons, regular sized balloons and even adorable teeny balloons into a beautiful balloon arrangement that lasted for days! The hardware included allowed us to attach it to the front of our home on the front porch so all of our friends could see and we could enjoy it all week.

Balloon Photo Backdrop

The designs you’ll find in the Krazy Kitten Krafts shop are so beautiful, every guest will want to pose for a photo with the arrangement or it can be worked into a more complex backdrop. The next thing you know, your party will be trending in Instagram feeds far and wide!

I loved working with Krazy Kitten Krafts, the price point is incredible (starting at $35) and I love that I’m supporting a local mom and family.


Disclosure: I reached out to Krazy Kitten Krafts to purchase a kit for my daughter’s birthday. Krazy Kitten Krafts and Indy with Kids have a partnership agreement for the purpose of creating this content. We only write about businesses that we like and we like the creations from this company!

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