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Maybe you’re like me and you have children in diapers or piles of dog poo and other stinky things that sit in your trash can for a week between trash days. Maybe you’ve tried to rinse your trash cans with soap and a hose and even chemicals like bleach. If you have a stinky, nasty trash can, I know how to fix it.

How to Clean Your Trash Can

Our neighborhood has these giant trash bins with lots of little crevices and spots for “nast” and bacteria to hide. In our previous neighborhood, we were required to keep our trash bins in our garage. Gag. Every morning when I started my car, I’d gag as the stinky smell of our trash bin filled my car.

Enter my new favorite business, The Bin Blaster. Nathan and his family live in the Indianapolis area and are very active in the community and have always wanted to a business that helps people. When Nathan graduated from Hamilton Southeastern, he knew that his next step was starting something and this is where The Bin Blaster comes in. The whole family is involved in the businesses, from mom (Toby) scheduling customers to little sister Sydney editing videos for social media and dad (Bill) and Nathan making runs on the truck.

The Bin Blaster is a unique service that comes to your home after your trash pick-up and cleans your trash bins inside and out, using their state of the art Bin Blaster vehicle. They leave your bins as good as new — cleaned and deodorized. Sign-up for your cleaning now!

My favorite part was that when the bins were dumped of all of the nasty trash buildup and stinky residue, they were dumped into The Bin Blaster truck. There’s no water or anything left on my street or property!

One Time Trash Can Cleaning

The Bin Blaster offers a one time cleaning of your bins. Nathan will come out with the truck and clean your trash bins inside and out. The more bins you have, the less expensive it is for each bin. Of course the best deal is the subscription service.

The Bin Blaster Regular Visits

The subscription service from Bin Blaster will have you set with brand spankin’ clean bins every eight weeks, or more frequently if needed.

The Bin Blaster in Your Neighborhood

This awesome local business is currently serving neighborhoods in Fishers, Geist, Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fortville, McCordsville and nearby Indianapolis. Signup today to be notified of when they will serve your neighborhood.

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