Pick Your Own Blueberries at Spencer Farm in Hamilton County

We love to pick berries at the Spencer Farm, especially blueberries.  It usually does not take too long to pick these juicy berries, and kids love this Indy area summer activity.

Expect to pick blueberries in Indiana right around the 4th of July

Blueberry Picking at Spencer Farm

Spencer Farm has a wonderful little farm store, and they have a lovely patio area with picnic tables, and some shade to enjoy ice cream, or other treats.  The front of the store is lined with white rocking chairs to relax in.

We, usually, go in the morning, to have the most berries to pick from, and to avoid the heat.  Once we get to the farm we head into the farm store to get our picking boxes, and to get directions to the picking locations for the day.

The blueberries are kept under netting to keep birds from eating the crop.  There are lots of ripe blueberries to pick and, of course, to try while you pick. After we pick the berries, we go back to the store to have our berries weighed, and to get the yummy ice cream.

Looking for another option closer to Indy? The urban farm, Driving Wind Blueberry Farm is just north of downtown Indy and has offered u-pick blueberries for a decade!

Check out our berry pie recipe! It’s easy for kids to make.

Spencer Farm is located in Noblesville at 161st Street and Cherry Tree Road. This farm also offers other berry u-picks. You can pick strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, and blueberries.  You can pick grapes, pumpkins, and asparagus too. Spencer Farm Winery is right on site.

In the fall, they have the most beautiful u-dig mums.  The Fresh Farm Store has a wide variety of farm fresh Indiana produce as well as ice cream, homemade fudge, pies, jams and jellies.

Check the Spencer Farms website or Facebook page for up to date information on all their crops + hours and availability.

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