Driving Wind Blueberry Farm

One of our favorite activities in the summer is visiting a local farm and picking our own fruits and vegetables. Luckily in the Indianapolis area we have many options for picking our own produce, a favorite is u-pick strawberry farms, but if you like blueberries, Driving Wind Blueberry Farm is the place to be!IMG_3013

For a humorous and true list of do’s, don’ts and FAQ’s, check out Josh’s Facebook post.

Driving Wind Blueberry Farm is located at 64th and Michigan Road, and if you’re not looking for it, you may miss it, but I assure you that it’s a must-do in midsummer! Driving Wind typically opens for U-Pick for a little over a month at the end of June/beginning of July through the end of July/beginning of August.

Upon arriving at the farm we were met by Josh Welch, Indianapolis native, now based out of Russiaville, who owns and operates Driving Wind. He pointed out one of his children working in the small farm store (this is a whole family endeavor!), and we headed toward the netted blueberry plants. The green netting protects the farm’s 5 different blueberry types from hungry birds and ducking under it made my children feel they were stepping into a fruit picking adventure.IMG_3020

Driving Wind isn’t a large farm, but the berry picking was plentiful, and if you ask my boys they’d tell you that “even the green ones” are delicious! (We definitely ate our fair share of blueberries while picking and I tried to emphasize that we only want to eat the ripe ones!!)

Bring a picnic brunch (I’d say lunch but it’s best to pick in the morning to be sure they aren’t over picked!) and eat on the deck overlooking the farm on top of the farm store. It’s complete with several picnic tables and a great view. After picking, and a snack, check out the farm store for local produce, some local ice cream, an adorable t-shirt (we’re waiting for our sizes to come in!), or some awesome local (of course!) honey. Be sure to stop by and see the chickens and, our favorite, the very vocal donkey, on site, as well.IMG_3059

Be sure to check the Driving Wind Facebook page for updates regarding the beginning of the U-Pick season, and berry availability for the day. Once the blueberry season officially starts U-Pick will be open from 2:00-2:00 each day – but, again, be sure to check the Facebook page for updates prior to heading out.IMG_3064

6410 Michigan Road

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