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#FamilyTravel – It’s not everyday that you get to sit next to a superstar. The people and animals that my children love are very different from the ones I love and they don’t quite understand the difference between real and not real when it comes to television — reality tv isn’t helping that divide either!

L M & M Railroad in Lebanon, Ohio has breathed life into the characters from your children’s favorite television shows and books. Then, they’ve put them on a train with a destination so there’s an experience for everyone.
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Year-round, families can take a train ride and arrive at a special location with themed activities, a goody bag and meet and greet with the characters of honor. We took a train ride to see Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. Once we arrived at their “home,” we played games, ran around on a playground, spoke with the characters and then re-boarded the train and headed back home.

curious george train ride lm&M railroad lebanon ohio
Schedule (1 hour & 55 minutes)
– Depart from Lebanon Station
– 30 minute ride to LM&M Junction
– 55 minute layover at LM&M Junction
– 30 minute return trip to Lebanon Station

This is a fantastic activity for young children and their parents. Check the schedule to see who will be on your train. Ticket prices vary from $20 and under. Recent guests have included: Clifford, Super Why and Thomas. Snacks and beverages are available on board. Restrooms are located at both stations.

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