Dull’s Christmas Tree Farm | Get Real and Cut Down Your Own Tree

Christmas is a super magical time of year that’s full of traditions and special moments – picking out and cutting down our family Christmas tree at a local Christmas Tree Farm is one of our favorite things. This year we loaded up the truck and drove about 40 minutes northwest of downtown Indy and visited Dulls Tree Farm. This is one of the most popular Indy area Christmas Tree Farms to cut down your own Christmas tree.

Opening day is November 27th, 2020.

Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

Buying the perfect Christmas tree isn’t hard at Dulls — after you park and walk in, there are trees displayed of all of the varieties grown at Dulls. After you decide which one you want, head out to the field, but make a stop at the “InFARMation” booth to find out how to get to where your favorite tree is grown. Don’t forget to grab a cart, it makes bringing your tree back a LOT easier.

Once you’re in the field, you’ll take a saw and start scouting for the perfect tree. All of the trees that are available for the current season are tagged with a price. Make sure you love that tree before you cut it down, that one will be yours!

The saws are sharp but easy to use for kids age 8 and up. We let all of our kids have a crack at using the saw — an adult starts the cut and then we help our kids pull and push it, but typically my husband cuts it most of the way. Once that tree is down, load it on to your cart and take it back up to the processing area.

Dull’s Tree Farm

In the processing area, Dulls family members and team members will help cut, trim and drill the bottom of your tree to fit your tree stand. Then they’ll shake the heck out of your tree to get all of the dead pine needles and bugs and other stuff off of the tree. The Christmas tree will then be put through a hole and come out the other end all bundled so it can be loaded nicely on the top of your car.

Take your tag into the gift shop or the Wreath Barn and pay for your tree. When you are ready to leave, drive your car up to the barn, hand over your tag and the Dulls Tree Farm team will load your tree onto the top of your car.

Food and beverage are available for sale at Dulls Tree Farm. Weather dependent, there is a play area for the children. Restrooms are available too.

Dull’s Pumpkin Harvest

If you fall in love with the Dull’s Christmas Tree Farm experience, you’ll want to mark your calendar and return for the awesome fall fun and pumpkin patch. Every year, Dull’s Farm opens up with a ton of family fun on the farm!

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