11 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July

It is not just the Australians who like to celebrate Christmas in July–we do too! Something about the summer heat gets us all excited for the winter months building up to Christmas.  In fact, it is becoming quite common to hear of someone celebrating the holiday in July as well as December, walking downtown you may well see those sneaky decorations donning the windows or sidewalk sales.

I think we can all agree we need two Christmases this year, so here are a few ideas that can set you up for the festivities!

Christmas Activities

Snowball Fight!

The Indiana weather can be filled with extreme heat and what better way to cool off than with a snowball fight. However, this isn’t using snowballs it is using water balloons! Grab some white water balloons and fill with ice cold water and go, go, go!!!

Christmas Movie Trivia

Think you’ve watched all the Christmas movies so much that you know the words off by heart? Well Christmas in July is the ultimate time to put that knowledge to the test. Get your relatives and friends in on the game and see who THE Christmas movie buff is.

Christmas Carol Charades

What a fantastic way to get that Christmas cheer flowing. Split into teams and blindly pick out a Christmas song to act out, battle it out to discover that closet Christmas actor.

Read a Christmas Story at Bedtime

Start off your perfect Christmas in July with reading Twas the Night Before Christmas at bedtime on June 30.

Advent Calendar

Like most, your advent calendar will be safely tucked away until December so why not make a fun game out of it? Each morning have someone hide a chocolate in the house, first person to find it, EATS IT!

Decorate Christmas Cookies

Go traditional or do something different for Christmas in July with these cute Santa Beach Vacation Cookies.

Plant Instead of Cut

I love the smell of a natural Christmas tree at Christmas time but how about in July, you plant a Christmas tree instead of cutting one down? It could be a tree for Christmas in years to come or it could be any specie of beautiful sapling.

Dull’s Tree Farm is one of the best places in Indy to cut your own Christmas Tree and this July 11-12, they are doing a special Christmas in July event. Enjoy their famous apple cider donuts and apple cider slushies, and jump start your Christmas shopping by visiting 50 vendors. There are farm activitities for all ages,  including the big slide, so bring your family for a day on the Christmas Tree Farm

Teach Giving, Rather Than Receiving

There are so many organizations in Indianapolis that will happily receive donations of new or gently used toys for families—even in July. Bring the Christmas joy to a family a little earlier this year.

Christmas caroling

Now, this takes a bit of bravery! Christmas caroling in July, are you up for it? Personally, I would be thrilled opening the door to my neighbors singing Christmas carols to me—will you do it?

BBQ Christmas dinner

Summer dinners are filled with BBQ’s so why not mix it with Christmas dinner…how I hear you ask?! You can have the Christmas trimmings like ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, mixed with BBQ favorites like corn on the cobb, salads, ribs, pulled pork, and cheeseburgers. Involve everyone by hosting a dessert swap.

However, the food doesn’t have to be on this grand scale. The food could just be fun Christmas snacks like strawberry Santas, Watermelon Christmas trees, eggnog-aritas!

Ugly T-Shirt Contest

Thinking of the ugly sweater concept but its too hot for that so the ugly t-shirt contest has been born. Gather your family and friends, some glitter glue, tinsel, bells and anything else you can think of and get creative. Winner gets a Christmas present!

Hallmark Movie Marathon

Have you noticed that Christmas movies are back on television for the month of July? Block out a rainy afternoon, grab your Christmas pajamas, and nestle down to some Christmas joy.

Christmas in July 5k and Half Marathon

Grab your running shoes and make some room for your Christmas dinner and earn yourself a snow globe medal. On July 18, you can run with Santa in the Christmas in July 5k and half marathon.

Polar Express Train Rides

It’s never too soon to start planning your holiday favorites! The Polar Express is the highlight of our Christmas holiday countdown. Every year we don our matching pajamas and hop on board to experience the magic and make that iconic book come to life. Some of our favorites are the Polar Express at French Lick and also in Connersville. Although with COVID-19 guidelines maybe making this exciting tradition a little different, it will also be one to remember for many years to come.

Ice Skating

What better way to escape the Indiana heat than to go hit your local ice rink! Dress up in your Christmas outfit and take your family to play on the ice. It’s a great way to reminisce your favorite Christmas movie and try your hand (or skate) at the same moves as the stars. Use this time forget about summer (and the coronavirus) and immerse yourself. Carmel and Columbus both have year-round ice skating rinks.

Hot Chocolate

Mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm hot chocolate! How do you have yours? Flavored, whipped cream, cinnamon, chocolate shavings, thick, frothy, marshmallows, plain? The possibilities are endless but they each taste delicious. Even in July this is always a favorite beverage for both little kids and big kids. Maybe try it with a dollop of ice cream!

Decorate Now

Christmas in July wouldn’t be Christmas in July without decorations. Instead of using the same decorations as you would for December you could make new decorations such as beach themed decorations? Or turning pool toys into decorations too; beach balls could easily be spray painted to look like baubles, pool noodles could be taped to mimic a candy cane the possibilities are endless.

Visit Santa Claus…Indiana

This place just screams Christmas any month of the year but we’re talking about July right now! Santa Claus is home to Holiday World and Splashing Safari and whilst there, do not forget to stop by the big man himself and get those Christmas wishes in early. If you’re planning your visit for July 25, prepare for the Christmas Cheer as Christmas in July is very special to Dear Old St. Nick.

Paint some holiday pottery

Kiln Creations has some Christmas pottery starting to adorn their shelves for the month of July—including everyone’s favorite light up Christmas trees and vintage trucks with trees! The second week in July they have a deal; spend $100 on ANYTHING and get 4 free ornaments. They also offer take home kits for people who prefer to paint in your jammies at home.


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