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Parents and toddlers love expression swings. These combo adult/toddler swings allow adults and children to swing together, face to face, promoting intergenerational play, interactive parent-child play and parent-child bonding.

Expression swings are great for babies around age 6 months (must be able to support themselves sitting and have stable head control) through children age five. Remember to only swing as quickly and as high as your child can handle.

These unique swings are built to capitalize on play attunement – the bonding that takes place between adults and children when they engage in play while making eye contact. It was such a unique view, watching my son laugh as I looked him right in the eyes while I made our swing go higher and higher. We were giggling together and experiencing flight, eye to eye. I love these swings!

Go very slow and keep in mind that the bucket swings are not snug around your baby’s body and they may slide around. We found that our children didn’t really enjoy the playground swings until they were around 9 months of age. I’m interested to see if the expression swing changes anything with our new baby when she’s able to sit and support her head and neck.

Where to find expression swings or face to face swings in Indianapolis

You’ll find an expression swing (or two in some cases!) at these parks:

West Park in Carmel
Forest Park in Noblesville
Province Park in Franklin
City Center Park in Greenwood
Arbuckle Acres Park in Brownsburg
Williams Park (near the splash pad) in Brownsburg

We will add to this list as we learn of new swings being installed. If you know of one, please send us an email:

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